Top 10 Alternatives to CryptoPanic in 2020

Here, in this article, we've listed the top best crypto news aggregators that serve as the perfect alternative to CryptoPanic, assisting you in upping your crypto game.

CryptoPanic has served as one of the best platforms for the latest updates on crypto happenings around the world. Every crypto trader and crypto enthusiasts are on a constant lookout for the perfect crypto news aggregator website that provides them with the latest & correct crypto-related news worldwide.

However, with the coming times, various other platforms have emerged as CryptoPanic alternatives today. Here we’ll be discussing the top alternatives to CryptoPanic that can serve you equally or even better as a crypto news aggregator platform.


Top CryptoPanic Alternatives:

  1. CryptoViral
  2. CryptoControl
  3. CoinSpectator
  4. FAWS
  5. CryptoGoat
  6. CoinNA
  7. CoinsLive
  8. Coinlib
  9. News Now
  10. CryptoCoinOwl


1. CryptoViral

CryptoViral is one of the best CryptoPanic alternatives you can ever get your hands on. Other than getting features similar to CryptoPanic, CryptoViral also provides you with additional unique for FREE.

cryptopanic alternative cryptoviral

Features that make CryptoViral stand at the top of our list:

  • Twitter & Reddit Updates: The majority of the crypto updates are shared on social media handles before it sweeps its way into the news publications. At CryptoViral, you gain access to the latest crypto updates directly from Twitter & Reddit for FREE.
  • Trustworthy Sources: CryptoViral only accumulates news from the most reliable and credible news sources. Additionally, sometimes CryptoPanic supports the sponsored posts to pop up on the page, which is discouraged by CryptoViral.
  • Add Coin of Choice: CrytoViral allows you to add and track and altcoin of your choice. Just click on the add coin option on the right side of the screen to add the desired coin to your tracking list.
  • Vote Bullish, Bearish, or Flag: At CryptoViral, you can vote Bullish or Bearish for a piece of news on its platform. You can also Flag the FUD content on the platform.

Visit CryptoViral by clicking here.

Note: CryptoViral is offering a 6 months FREE premium membership on sign up before 31st December 2019. Claim your free membership now!


2. CryptoControl

CryptoControl is another great crypto news aggregator platform that serves as a perfect CryptoPanic alternative. The vibrantly themed platform makes use of color-coded boxes to correspond to different news categories.

cryptopanic alternative cryptocontrol

Moreover, CryptoControl also includes an exciting feature called the news heatmap, which makes visualizing the day’s most trending and vital news filtered by importance, really smooth.

Visit CryptoControl by clicking here.


3. CoinSpectator

The crypto news aggregator & bitcoin news aggregator platform provides you with real-time crypto updates from around the world from various sources of news, blogs, media, and press releases. 

crypto news aggregator

CoinSpectator also allows its users to keep track of the top 16 cryptocurrency asset prices in the market.

Visit CoinSPector by clicking here.



The ultimate crypto news aggregator platform accumulates news and information related to the latest crypto-happenings from around the world in one place. It has integrated happenings with over 70 global crypto news & information sources.

FAWS is easy to access crypto news aggregator platform allows its users to browse from section to section about the news, coins, portfolios, alerts, and sources on the platform.

Visit FAWS by clicking here.


5. CryptoGoat

CryptoGoat is a crypto news aggregator platform that gathers news relating to cryptocurrency happenings on its news platform for crypto enthusiasts and crypto traders to read. The crypto space uses a blog-based format to provide its users with the latest crypto-related information.

cryptogoat cryptopanic alternative

CryptoGoat extracts news from the top-class news sources like CoinTelegraph, ensuring that the information provided to the public is high-quality. 

Visit CryptoGoat by clicking here.


6. CoinNA

If you want to stay away from all the complicated formats and are looking for a crypto news aggregator platform with simple and plain information given in a list format, CoinNA is the best crypto news aggregator platform for you.

coinna bitcoin news aggregator

At CoinNA, the news is filtered based on the coin type by default. You can either choose to read the latest crypto happenings around the world or click on the top stories tab to read the trending news and blogs about crypto events. 

Visit CoinNA by clicking here.


7. CoinsLive

CoinsLive is another fabulous source for crypto news aggregators. It offers an aggregated list of crypto-related news & events and market analysis in an easily comprehensible technique.

cryptopanic alternative coinslive

CoinsLive also allows its users to trade and invest in cryptocurrency from its platform. And why not? Use CoinsLive first to make a market prediction based on the latest crypto happenings and then take sound trading decisions on the platform itself.

Visit CoinsLive by clicking here.


8. Coinlib

For all the serious crypto-traders looking for a cryptocurrency trading enriched crypto news aggregator platform, Coinlib is the best bitcoin news aggregator platform you can lay your hands on. 

cryptopanic alternative coinlib

Coinlib allows its users to trade and signal their coins with their real-time coin analysis. Besides providing users with the latest news, it also contains excellent charts and graphs for analyzing market fluctuations.

Visit Coinlib by clicking here.


9. News Now

News Now is one of the oldest news aggregator platforms that started back in 1997 and has established its reputation in the last two decades. News Now contains a wide variety of news related to crypto and bitcoin happenings from around the world. 

newsnow bitcoin news aggregator

The platform uses an easy to use interface for its users, helping everyone gain access to their daily dose of the latest crypto news.

Visit News Now by clicking here.


10. CryptoCoinOwl

The crypto news aggregator platform features the top 3 bearish & the top 3 bullish cryptocurrencies on its main webpage. It focusses on studying the behavior of a wide variety of digital currencies. 

ccowl bitcoin news aggregator

CryptoCoinOwl provides its users with the latest crypto-related news from around the world from multiple trusted crypto news sources and also has a feature for sudden crypto alerts.

Visit CryptoCoinOwl by clicking here



Thes were the top crypto news aggregator platforms that serve excellently as an alternative to CryptoPanic. Use the best crypto news aggregator that match your crypto news and other requirements as a trader or a crypto enthusiast.

Crypto news aggregators help you provide the latest updates about crypto happening from around the world, thereby, assisting you in forming the right decisions about crypto trading, at the right time.

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