Tobacco Shops in France authorized to sell bitcoin

8 months ago

Tobacco shops in France will start selling bitcoin coupons from 1st January 2019. Thousands of shops called ‘Tabacs’ will be working as bitcoin stores throughout France.

Adoption rising, despite the market fall

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing the worst days of the year with bitcoin falling up to $4000, still, the adoption of both bitcoin and blockchain technology seems to be rising throughout the world. With countries like India which earlier banned cryptocurrencies are now thinking of drafting a regulation next year, the cryptocurrency market seems to be growing rather than falling.

2019: An year full of joy

2019 will be an year full of adoption for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin with analyst predicting that more and more bitcoin ETF’s will be approved next year, with the launch of Bakkt Exchange in January, with security token exchanges rising and with the tobacco shops selling bitcoin making it mainstream throughout France, cryptocurrencies are surely heading towards a great future.

The France Central Bank has officially announced that tobacco shops in the country shall be allowed to sell bitcoin at the start of next year. At the start, approximately 4000 shops will be provided with the software for sale of bitcoin coupons. The buyers will be allowed a purchase of bitcoin worth 50, 100, and 250 euro bitcoin coupons.

The agreement was signed between Bimedia (a terminal provider for collection at tabacs) and KeplerK (a cryptocurrency offering platform). The software installed at tobacco shops will allow the purchase of bitcoin along with ethereum and other prominent cryptocurrencies thorough the KeplerK website.

Happy Tobacco Shop Owners

The bitcoin coupon sales at tobacco shops will boost the business for the shop owners which will eventually modernize their profession.

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