The US Food and Drug Administration considers blockchain for food security.

The US Food and Drug Administration has revealed that it will study blockchain technology to make food security more efficient.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a blueprint and pilot research for food safety, highlighting blockchain tech as a viable option for some of the identified challenges that can be solved with it. The blueprint released earlier this week highlighted some of the problems that the food distribution industry is facing throughout the country and looks at how smart technologies could solve them. The technologies mentioned by the US FDA include artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, sensor technologies, and blockchain.


The US FDA recognizes the potential of blockchain tech. 

The US Food and Drug Administration has been talking about blockchain’s potential over the last two years. Earlier, the US FDA’s Food and Drugs Commissioner Stephen Hahn and Food Policy and Response Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannas noted the devastating impact the COVID 19 pandemic has had on the food supply chain sector. He noted that the blockchain is one of the technologies that make it easier to track and trace products through the supply chain. The blockchain technology is currently being used in many sectors across countries, including healthcare and logistics.


Governments acknowledge the potential of blockchain tech. 

Governments all over the world have acknowledged the potential of blockchain tech and are working to include this tech in several fields. IBM brought blockchain to the agriculture and shipping industry with its FoodTrust program launched in conjunction with Walmart. As reported earlier, the South Korean government revealed its plan to use the blockchain technology in the healthcare system. Later last year, the president of China Xi Jinping had asked the country to take the lead in the blockchain sector and “seize the opportunity.” The blockchain technology initially launched to underpin the leading cryptocurrency bitcoin is now being used in different fields worldwide. Earlier, China included blockchain jobs in its list of professional occupations. 

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