The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Price Analysts

Cryptocurrencies have been around for almost 8-10 years now, and apart from investment opportunities, it has given many people to work as an individual or as a team to bring a new and better experience for the users every day.

We have seen many blockchain-based startups that have been working to make our cryptocurrency experience better with their innovations. But cryptocurrency has also started the trend of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency analysts uploading videos and blogs regularly to explain the trends in bitcoin, and its fellow currencies.

Here is a list of Top 5 cryptocurrency price analysts that help users understand the market in a better way.

1. Tone Vays

With a Bachelors degree in Geological Engineering from the State University of New York, and a Masters’s in Financial Engineering from Florida State University, Tone Vays is a blockchain consultant, researcher, and cryptocurrency analyst.

Vays was a highschool teacher in NYC before he got his masters degree. After that, he worked as a risk analyst for Bear Stearns, and now he is the VP at JP Morgan Chase. He got involved in the cryptocurrency world in early 2013.

With his skills of trading and risk analysis and expertise in economic trends, he has been very active in the crypto world and spreading awareness regarding the importance of bitcoin as they help in giving a person some financial freedom.

He has his YouTube channel where he uploads videos of giving reviews of the market, analysis of the latest trends in the prices and suggestions on how and when to invest.

In his latest video, Tone Vays explains and compares the trend in the drop of the bitcoin as it goes from bullish to bearish within a day. He explains that he would be willing to take trades around $8700 instead of buying it around $9000 as in cases of any losses, he’ll be losing $400 instead of more than a $1000. You can see the rest of the video here,

He also stated in March in a tweet that the bitcoin will fall below $2000 before 2024 bitcoin halving.

In a recent interview, he further mentioned that once the process of bitcoin halving is complete in 2024, he expects the bitcoin prices to go as high as $100,000.


2. The Moon

Carl Eric Martin, who goes by the names The Moon Carl or The Moon is another trader, analyst, and bitcoin enthusiast who likes to stay updated and invested in the crypto world.

He has a YouTube channel named, The Moon, where he posts regular videos giving updates on the daily trends and price analysis of the bitcoin and everything related to it. These daily video updates have been very beneficial for people as it helps them understand the market deeply.

In his recent video, Carl talks about how the bitcoin price is on a downfall and has reached to $8500. He tells about the top range and low range if there is a rise or downfall in the trend where the high range is $12000, and the lowest can be $8000.


3. MM Crypto

Founded by Christopher Jaszczynski, Anup Dhungana, and Kerim Dolan, MM Crypto is a team of motivated people who help blockchain startups with evaluation processes and advisory services.

They have over 10,000 investors as a part of their community, which is ready to invest in any new ICO with great potential. They have a YouTube channel named MM Crypto, where Christopher posts regular updates on the latest price trends of the bitcoin and how the market is doing.

In his recent video, Chris teams up with another bitcoin trader and technical analyst, Davinci, who goes by the screen name of DavinciJ15 and talks about the price trend of bitcoin. DavinciJ15 suggests how the bitcoin price will go as low as $8500, and it will take some time for the cost to reach lower than that so people should buy around $8500-$8700.


4. Krown’s Crypto Cave

It is operated by Eric Crown, an ex NY market maker who has turned into a full-time cryptocurrency trader. Eric offers video tutorials to his viewers, which can range from the price analysis of bitcoin to helping people understand the market problems and the risks involved in the trading.

In his recent video, he talks about how there was a dip in the price, which leads to people freaking out about their investment. He mentions how the price has been under $10000 and how the price drops from $9900 to back to $9500.


5. Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is daily bitcoin and cryptocurrency news platform where they share daily news about coins like bitcoin, ethereum and blockchain technology and everything related to it. They even host interviews with people from top projects as well as startups and bring their viewers the most relevant breaking topics in fintech space.

In their latest video, they have discussed how the bitcoin price is taking dips with every single day. He mentions that he is pretty sure that the price might go all the way up to $42000 by the end of this year.

He mentions that if we face a fall of about 20%, the price will go all the way down to $8000 which can cause damage to people who started investing in the bitcoin at this price.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
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