The story of Winklevoss Twins, Bitcoin ETF Update


Comprehending the entire life of the Winklevoss twins


Why should we know about the Winklevoss brothers?

The Winklevoss brothers are considered to be in the list of cryptocurrency billionaires around the world. their Bitcoin investment in the early days has provided them why multiple folds and now they have initiated to invest in various another cryptocurrency project which seemed to have a fundamental used case in the practical world. The brothers have also been alleged for a lawsuit against Facebook and had been in controversies for a long time due to it. In this article, we’ll cover the various events of the Winklevoss twins which changed the course of their lives.



Tough times with Mark Zuckerberg

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss have been in a constant controversy with Facebook as the alleged that Mark Zuckerberg has told stolen their idea of the social media. The twin brothers initially were trying to develop a dating website in 2003 as they were pursuing their graduation. As a consequence of the project, they hired Mark Zuckerberg to code parts of it, who was also a student. All the controversies surrounding the idea has beautifully been portrayed in “The Social Network”. The identical twins have also been very well known for various other activities apart from Bitcoin investment.  


Childhood of the Bitcoin Billionaires

The Twin Brothers were born on August 21, 1981. Born in Southampton, New York to Howard and Carol Winklevoss, the Christian twins have acknowledged that their father was a former coal miner. Despite such conditions, the twins went to one of the most aristocratic schools in the town. The Twin brothers are also very well known for their spirit in rowing and have been known to be participating in various National and International rowing competitions. It was actually from their mother that they got introduced rowing. The Winklevoss brothers initially went to Harvard Business School for the graduate degree. It was at the Harvard, where they had met, Mark Zuckerberg and also further moved on to pursue their higher education from the Oxford University.


Further insights into their lives

Their company, Winklevoss Capital is now looking forward to institutional investment in varied cryptocurrency projects. Suing Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea of Facebook, had made then rich but also most of their investments apart from Bitcoin or Facebook lawsuit has also been very lucky. The Twin brothers received a total amount of $65m against the Facebook lawsuit. The Winklevoss brothers had invested in Bitcoin in its early days and as a result of which in summer 2012 they became overnight billionaires. Although investments in the cryptocurrency market are highly risky, the brothers made a considerable fortune out of it, as they jumped onto the bandwagon during the early days of Bitcoin wave.


The confusion around the Winklevoss ETF

More recently the Twin brothers had proposed for a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds before the Securities And Exchange Commission for their approval. Despite their consistent efforts to democratize the cryptocurrency space, through their Bitcoin ETF, their efforts have been constantly being turned down upon by the Securities And Exchange Commission. The proposal was rejected by the authorities even second time, even though they made some amendments. Bitcoin exchange-traded funds would bring enough liquidity to the market and would be a great move in the group domain.


Bitcoin BTC ETF is nothing but an Exchange Traded Fund whose underlying asset is Bitcoin. In Bitcoin BTC ETF 101, we discuss the implications of this ETF
Bitcoin BTC ETF is nothing but an Exchange Traded Fund whose underlying asset is Bitcoin. In Bitcoin BTC ETF 101, we discuss the implications of this ETF


The twins are wealthy

It has been estimated that they stand near to the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto works respect to the number of Bitcoins they own. According to estimates, the brothers hold almost more than 100,000 BTC, as they had exclusively bought them in March 2013. According to experts, the brothers had bought 1% of the total number of bitcoins in circulation at that time, which resulted in a five thousand times increase in value within the past five years.


Tweaky facts about the twins

Interestingly, the parents never revealed to them that which one of the brothers, was born first, for some reasons. It is also worth mentioning that the twin brothers are just 5 pounds in their weight difference. However, Tyler Winklevoss if slight always slightly heavier than Cameron Winklevoss.



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