The New York Times tests a blockchain project to tackle misleading information.

The research and development team of The New York Times has tested a blockchain-based project to address the growing issue of misleading information in the online space.

In its recent report, the New York Times outlined the problem of misinformation, primarily when it comes down to pictures circulating the Internet once the images are uploaded somewhere, the chances of being altered or hampered with the increase, hence jeopardizing their accuracy and truthfulness. The American newspaper’s research and development team have experimented with various solutions, and the most recent one, which is dubbed The News Provenance Project uses the blockchain technology. 


The project uses blockchain technology to readers better discern the credibility of news. 

The statement from the American newspaper reads, a prong of The News Provenance Project was to research how readers make judgments about the photos they see online and on their social media feeds. To help with that research, the research team built a prototype that leveraged blockchain tech to surface a news photo’s contextual information on a simulated social media feed. The statement further notes that the team wanted to see whether visible contextual information, such as the photographer’s name and the location depicted in the photo, could help readers better discern the credibility of news photos in their social feeds. 

During the testing phase, the social media platform was automatically assigned to match a photo on its feed to an image in the blockchain through an ID, according to the statement. 


“There’s still more research to be done before launching.”

According to the report, the initial results appeared somewhat encouraging, as the majority of users found the prototype particularly helpful in making informed judgments about the photos. However, the R&D team admits that there’s still more research and exploration to be done before launching it. The dilemma of fighting fake news has been a major issue around the world. The fast spread of misinformation on social media platforms has caused many fights and around the world. However, the use of blockchain technology to fight this battle is a positive start. 

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