The Korea Internet & Security Agency adopts a blockchain-based employee ID system.

The Korea Internet & Security Agency of South Korea to implement a blockchain-powered employee ID system through a smartphone app.

The Korea Internet & Security Agency, or KISA, is the first public entity of South Korea to adopt a blockchain-powered employee ID system through a smartphone app starting October. According to Yonhap, the South Korean government agency will also issue tokens called “KISA Coin” to reward KISA’s best employees, enabling them to purchase snacks, beverages, and even office supplies. It is currently being pilot tested, with the expectation to make it available for the entire workforce. 


The new system is not just limited to ID authentication.

The new employee ID blockchain-based system will allow KISA’s workers to use near field communication technology, or NFC, by scanning QR codes to access their respective workplaces via a blockchain platform that will handle the database. However, the new system is not limited to ID authentication. The employees would be required to use it to access the coffee shops in the agency or borrow books from the library. The ongoing global pandemic and the desire to implement contactless solutions among its work processes are some of the reasons behind the blockchain system’s implementation. 


South Korea adopts blockchain tech in different sectors. 

The fourth-largest city in South Korea, Daegu, recently announced its plans to allocate over $6 million towards blockchain and artificial intelligence education. The city’s officials aim to solve what they consider a “serious shortage of resources in the 4th industrial revolution’s core technologies.” The government plans to bring talented individuals to Daegu from other regions by offering courses in blockchain, AI, and other significant data sectors. 

The central bank of South Korea is taking the development of its CBDC to the next stage as the central bank seeks to start a pilot project. The central bank recently concluded its first phase in its CBDC development journey, which involved extensive research regarding the CBDC’s feasibility.

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