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The inspirational story of Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters’s achievements range from being the youngest female managing director in J.P. Morgan at the age of 28 to lead the charge toward technological innovation in financial services as the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings. Blythe born in Oxford, England, is among the most influential personality in the finance and blockchain industry. UK-based company Richtopia ranked her 4th among 100 most influential women in blockchain. She remained CEO of Digital Asset Holding for three years from 2015 to 2018. She resigned because she wanted to give more time to her family. Blythe is not just an influential woman in banking and blockchain world. She is respected widely around the world for the work that she has done in the past 20 years. Blythe is also a well-known breast cancer awareness activist. She defines success as being able to take care of family and friends and being happy along the way.

Blythe has worked with many businesses, from a big firm like J.P Morgan to startups like Fine Tech and Digital Asset Holding. But one thing that was constant all the way was the success that she brought to all these organizations. One of the highlights of her career was when she became the youngest managing director at JP Morgan and propelled their profits to new heights. She made a name for herself at Wall Street for the bold decisions that changed the course of business.

Blythe completed her primary education from Ashford School and King’s School that she got admission through a scholarship. She went on to graduate in economics from the University of Cambridge in 1991. She did various internships at JP Morgan while she was studying at the college.

Life at JP Morgan

Blythe Masters
Blythe Masters

British born Blythe Masters started her career when she joined JP Morgan Chase as an intern in late 80s and went on to become the youngest managing director. She worked there for the next 27 years. For the ten years, she worked as a trader and earned herself the name of most powerful women on Wall Street. While working there, she invented something called Credit Default Swap a derivative used to manage credit exposure to underlying reference entities. It allowed the borrower to reduce the risk of debt by selling it to someone else. This idea was first implemented when Exxon needed to open a line of credit to cover potential damages of five billion dollars resulting from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. This idea got streamlined and industrialized, and several banks started using it. Everyone did not appreciate the idea, and in 2008 the UK’s The guardian described Masters as the creator of a financial weapon of mass destruction.

In 2008 she left trading and joined commodities desk where she enjoyed the same amount of success. While she worked at the commodities desk, JP Morgan was able to buy parts of UBS’s UBSN.VX commodity business.

Blythe’s exit was not so smooth from JP Morgan. In 2014 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission investigated the bank in charge of allegedly manipulating with energy markets in California and Michigan. Bank decided to sell its Commodities business worth 3 billion dollars because of that and also paid 400 million dollars to settle the dispute. And with that, Blythe’s career at JP Morgan came to an end.

Social Work and other prestigious positions

During her stay at JP Morgan, she was also a member of various financial groups including the International Advisory Board of Santander Group, the Board of OpenBank, the Advisory Board of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce.
Blythe is also known for her social work. She was a member at Global Fund for Women, and Board member of Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

A new adventure at Digital Asset Holdings

From left to right, Daniel Feichtinger, senior software developer (formerly of Hyperledger), Dan O'Prey, chief marketing officer (formerly of Hyperledger), Blythe Masters (CEO of Digital Asset Holdings), and Tamas Blummer, chief ledger officer (formerly of Bits of Proof)
From left to right, Daniel Feichtinger, Dan O’Prey, Blythe Masters, and Tamas Blummer

Blythe joined as CEO of Digital Asset in 2015, a New York-based startup that develops and distributes ledger technology solutions for the financial services industry. Blythe brought the massive experience of Wall Street with her. When she went from a big enterprise like JP Morgan to small Manhatten based startup that no one had heard of, it brought many challenges to her, one being constrained capital. But Blythe proved herself once again as she succeeded with her new challenge.

She is credited to be the first notable person to move to blockchain technology from the banking sector. Blythe helped Digital Asset to become from an ambitious idea to a global software engineering firm. During her stay there, she led the firm to new heights. She helped Digital Asset to acquire two blockchain-based companies Bit of Proof and Hyperledger. This move expanded the reach of digital asset and helped it make a name for itself in the market. After the initial success of the startup, she was featured in Bloomberg Business Week.

Under Blythe’s leadership, Digital Asset grew from 6 staff members to 200 in less than a year, and it is now considered one of the leading developers of enterprise blockchain.

In December 2018 Bythe left the startup citing family reasons, but according to the company’s statement, she will continue to serve the company as an advisor, board member, and shareholder.

Blythe Masters; An inspirational figure

Blythe Masters
Blythe Masters

In an interview to, she told that believing in what she does and going “all in” is the strategy that she has abided by all her life. She also believes that loyalty to and from the team is the most important thing to succeed in any business. According to her colleagues, the level of dedication that she showed during work was unbelievable, and she expected the same from others as a leader. When Blyth was giving birth to her first child, she was going through financial numbers in the hospital, that much she dedicated herself to work. Story of Blythe Masters is a story of inspiration for people around the world. She succeeded in an industry which is mostly dominated by the men. As of now,50 years old, Blythe spends most of her time with her family and four dogs that she owns.