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Thailand Police Arrest Famous Actor in $24 Million Bitcoin Scam.



Thai police have confined 27-year old actor Jiratpisit "Blast" Jaravijit in a claimed $24 million digital currency scam, Bangkok Post revealed August 9.

Thai police have confined 27-year old actor Jiratpisit “Blast” Jaravijit in a claimed $24 million digital currency scam, Bangkok Post revealed August 9.

Jiratpisit is apparently one of the seven suspects in the claimed wrongdoing, including his more established sibling and sister. On July 26, the Criminal Court granted a warrant for his capture following a protestation from a Finnish man that he had falsely attracted outsiders into contributing 797 million baht (almost $24 million) worth of cryptographic forms of money. Jiratpisit has been kept on charges of illegal tax avoidance action, which he denies.

The affirmed cybercrooks supposedly guaranteed to buy partakes in organizations that put resources into the digital currency Dragon Coin. As per the Bangkok Post, financial specialists did not get profits from their assumed speculation or a solicitation to an investors’ gathering. The Wrongdoing Concealment Division expresses that the culprits pulled back BTC from their e-wallets and afterward changed over it to baht.

Prior this week, South Korean police struck the workplace Shinil Gathering, whose charged crypto scam guaranteed speculators the riches of Russian warship Dmitrii Donskoi, that sank 113 years back. To urge financial specialists to buy the organization’s own digital currency, Shinil professedly guaranteed to repay them with the gold from the ship. The coin purportedly pulled in 60 billion won ($53.7 million) in investments from around 100,000 financial specialists since its dispatch this year. In any case, there is no unmistakable confirmation that the ship contained anything of significant worth.

As of late, Tokyo-based security programming producer Trend Micro discovered BTC Automated Teller machine (ATM) malware accessible for buy on the web. Trend Micro refers to a notice posted by an “obviously settled and regarded” client on a darknet discussion. At the cost of $25,000, culprits could buy Bitcoin ATM malware joined by a prepared to-utilize card with EMV and close field correspondence (NFC) abilities.

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    September 29, 2018 at 8:49 pm

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Mt Gox: Has the time come when Mt.Gox Creditors will be paid?



As reported by the Mt Gox trustee, They still have 141,000 BTC and 142,000 BCH and the trustee seems to be taking charge to return the funds to the victims.

The small cryptocurrency community back then was in shock when the biggest bitcoin exchange Mt Gox (at that time) was hacked and around 850,000 BTC were stolen which were worth around $450 million back then and around $3.4 billion according to today’s price. Years have passed since the incident, however, only a few the victims have received their share and most of them are still waiting for their lost funds.


Mt Gox to credit victims?

As reported by Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Mt Gox trustee, Mt Gox still has more than 141,000 Bitcoin and 142,000 Bitcoin Cash and the trustee seems to be taking charge to return the following funds to the victims. The victims were super excited to hear this and Twitter seems to be full of tweets claiming that the exchange has finally made its decision of returning the lost funds to the victims.

However, it is worth noting that Mt Gox might have more than $631 million worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the number of funds to be compensated are likely much more than this amount. The other documents on the website claim that the victims shall be sent a notification regarding the approval or disapproval of their claims based upon their type of filing (online or email).


Nobuaki Kobayashi said that after a few days, the Rehabilitation Trustee of Mt Gox will be announcing the results of the claims filed by the victims. The result will showcase whether or not their claims have been accepted.


Missed the deadline?

If you are one of the victims and you’ve somehow missed submitting your claim, you can still download the claim form from the Mt Gox website. However, if these claims made after the deadline shall be accepted for refunds will be decided by the court.


Is there any timeline for the claims?

According to Nobuaki Kobayashi. he will contact the victims soon. So there is no specific timeline as to when the funds will return to the victims. However, it is still great news for the people who have been waiting for over 5 years and they are surely happy about the fact that they will soon be compensated.


Cryptocurrency investors are now wondering how will this affect the bitcoin price? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Great Week for the top 10



The current week has proved to be quite amazing for the cryptocurrency market as all major coins are holding green. The total cryptocurrency market rose by around $1.5 billion yesterday night with the price of bitcoin reaching $4100.



BTCUSD Price Chart

BTC/USD Weekly Price Chart

Bitcoin broke the $4000 resistance level on 17th March and has been over this range since then. Bitcoin has turned the previous resistance into strong support now and has moved upwards slowly currently trading around $4120 (according to Bitfinex chart) with around 1% increase in the last 24 hours. If bitcoin is able to maintain its position above $4100 range for long, it might soon move ahead towards the major long term resistances such as $4500 and $4600.



ETHUSD Weekly Chart

ETH/USD Weekly Chart

Ethereum also saw a nice bullish momentum this week after reaching the highest point of $143. Currently, Ethereum is trading nicely around $140 and is experiencing a few dips while trying to move upwards.

Unlike other top 10 coins, Ripple market is experiencing volatility from the last week but the momentum is still quite bullish.

LTCUSD Weekly Chart

LTCUSD Weekly Chart

Litecoin has been following trends and is steadily trading around $60 from the start of the week. Litecoin has increased more than 1.67% in the last 24 hours which makes it the best performing crypto of the day (in comparison with the top 10 cryptos according to market capitalization). LTC is currently trading around $61 (according to Bitfinex chart).


The overall cryptocurrency market is in a bullish momentum with sings of further gains. After a long bearish trend, cryptocurrency analysts are now believing that the bull market might be coming soon.

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#Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price to $4500 soon? BTC Price Analysis



Bitcoin price moved above $4000 yesterday and currently trading around $4100. The buyers are trying again to break through the strong resistance at $4200.

Technical Indicators:

Support Level: $3900

Resistance Levels: $4100, $4200


Bitcoin Price Analysis:

On the hourly chart, bitcoin price has been quite bullish since last week when it reached a high point of $4160. However, bitcoin was not able to break through the resistance around this range. Again bitcoin started a bullish momentum on 18th March and reached up to $4120 before but started to correct downwards later. It went below $4000 support level.

Bitcoin price moved above $4000 yesterday and currently trading around $4100. The buyers are trying again to break through the strong resistance that is formed between $4100 and $4200. If the current resistance is broken, there are chances that bitcoin could spike up to $4500 in the short term. The current momentum surely signals a ‘buy’ time. However, if bitcoin is not able to break through this resistance for long, it could result in BTC price falling back below $4000 and even $3900 range and turn bearish.

BTCUSD Hourly Chart

BTCUSD Hourly Chart

Last week, bitcoin tested the $4200 resistance but failed to break through. The sellers pushed the price down to $3832. Later, buyers were able to start a fresh bullish momentum and moved the price above the 12-day exponential moving average which was turned into support. Bitcoin moved above $4000 and the buyers are currently moving ahead to fight the sellers at $4200 resistance level.

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