Telegram’s GRAM obtains support from Coinbase custody

Telegram's GRAM token gains support following its upcoming launch. Coinbase, the American cryptocurrency exchange, has acquainted the crypto world with the new piece of information, reciting its intention of supporting the messaging giant's yet-to-be-launched token. The platform seeks expansion and considers listing eight new digital assets on the network. Telegram's token, GRAM, is scheduled to launch by the end of October 2019.


Telegram’s token, GRAM, seems to move with pace towards its launch as it finds support from the American cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. The platform took to the media and social aggregators, its intention of supporting the messaging giant’s cryptocurrency.

In addition to GRAM, it plans to list two more potential coins, Solana’s SOL and Orchid’s OXT.

Directing towards expansion, Coinbase is set to add several new digital assets to its network. However, the currencies will be listed only if they fulfill the requirements propounded by the exchange. The platform also detailed the reason behind extending its services to new networks.

Although Coinbase has announced its consideration of listing GRAM, it is not the first exchange to do so. Telegram’s token has earlier secured support from a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, Blackmoon, back in September. The messaging platform has also confirmed the launch of its 5th generation blockchain, TON – Telegram Open Network, by the end of this month.

Ryan Asher
Ryan Asher
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