Telegram to release a public beta-version of its developer tool

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Telegram is just a month away from releasing its blockchain network TON. According to a New York Times report messaging giant is supposed to launch its coin Gram on 31st October. Telegram released the code for running a TON blockchain node on its testnet portal earlier.

CTO of TON Mitja Goroshevsky said that that testnet already has over 100 nodes maintained by the Telegram. She also added that the company would release a public beta version of its developer tool on 9th September.

Initially, the release was planned to happen on 1st September but got delayed due to some unknown reasons. Ton Labs earlier announced that the blockchain would also be compatible with Ethereum based software.

The launch of Gram has also raised some issues with regulators. Earlier MERMI released a report that launch of Gram would make fighting terror financing and money laundering very challenging. The messaging app gained the attention of the crypto community when it raised more than $1.7 billion in private ICOs for its cryptocurrency project last year.

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