Telegram requested Circle to list Gram before SEC halted the project – Telegram News

According to the documents submitted by SEC to the court, Telegram had sought to list Gram on Circle before SEC halted its token issuance. US SEC obtained a restraining order from the court to stop the launch of the TON network. TON was initially supposed to launch on October 31, but now the company has announced to launch the network in April next year.

The documents that SEC submitted also included the “Circle Asset Listing Form,” which was filed by Telegram to request a listing on Circle’s Poloniex crypto exchange. It was submitted by Sergey Vasin, chief operating officer of Blackmoon. According to the document, Vasin was acting as the chief operating officer of Gram Vault.

US SEC has requested information from Telegram regarding the planned trading of cryptocurrency on Coinbase, Poloniex, Huobi, Binance, Blackmiin Crypto, and Coinbase recently announced to offer custody of the tokens.

The SEC has alleged that Telegram’s ICO was unlawful and obtained the court order to stop the company from issuing tokens. The court has scheduled to hear the case in February next year. Telegram’s executives said that they were shocked and disappointed with SEC’s decision to file the lawsuit as they had been communicating with them about the project for a year.

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