Telegram clears rumors about TON blockchain and Grams.

Telegram, in an announcement, cleared rumors and speculations around its blockchain project TON and its upcoming cryptocurrency Gram.

The encrypted messaging giant, Telegram, published a blog post saying that they hope Gram will become a true compliment to traditional currencies, improving the speed, efficiency, and security of everyday commercial transactions globally. Telegram also warned that nobody can buy or sell Gram yet as they have not officially launched the cryptocurrency.


TON will be decentralized and maintained by third parties

Telegram, in its blog post, wrote that Telegram and its affiliates have not made any promises or commitments to develop any applications or features for the TON blockchain. The company further wrote that they hope that the decentralized community of third-party developers and others will contribute to the TON ecosystem through the development of applications and smart contracts. 


Telegram’s token won’t help you get rich. 

The company further clarified that people should not expect any profits based on the purchase or holding of Grams. Grams are intended to serve as a medium of exchange between users in the TON ecosystem, and no one should expect any profits from the purchase, sale, or holding of Telegram’s cryptocurrency. The messaging giant also warned about the risk factors that involve holding or buying a cryptocurrency. The post reads, “Users should fully aware of the risk that Grams may decrease in value over time or even lose all monetary value.” Currently, the company is facing a legal battle against the SEC. 

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