Infamous Talk Talk hacker is being accused of an $800,000 crypto scam in the US

19-year-old Talk Talk hacker has been accused of a crypto scam worth $800,000 in the US. Elliott Gunton earlier was convicted by Norwich court money laundering and computer misuse charges. If convicted, the teen cybercriminal might face prison time from 2 to 20 years.

The infamous teen hacker who was earlier got convicted for hacking Talk Talk is being charged with various crimes related to crypto theft in the United States. Elliott Gunton who faced a 20 months prison time for hacking the telecommunication website is wanted in the US in relation to an $800,000 crypto scam.

According to a BBC report, Gunton is being indicted of wire fraud and identity theft by the US Department of Justice. Authorities alleged that Gunton and Nashatka who also go by the names Planet and Psycho withdrew cryptocurrency from hundreds of EtherDelta users.

In August, Gunnton was charged by Norwich court of money laundering and computer misuse charges. Authorities found that Gunton was involved in selling personal identities of people on the darknet in exchange of bitcoin.

If convicted in the US, Gunton might face prison time of 2 years to 20 years. Gunton was only 16 when he hacked the Talk Talk’s website. The teen cybercriminal was released immediately after he was ordered 20 months of prison time because of the time spent on remand. He also served a three and a half year community order restricting his internet and software use.

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