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ripple swift

Explained: How Ripple Works with Banks

Ripple is a payment processing technology that integrates directly with banks and other affiliated institutions, with faster processing times and…

4 months ago

Ripple Updates: XRP Going Global, Taking over Swift, Gaming Industry

Ripple's biggest competitor Swift is joining up with R3 on blockchain technology. Swift is the dominant player when it comes…

5 months ago

SWIFT vs RIPPLE: Rivals not Partners

Ripple enthusiasts around the world have been debating on the possibility of Ripple and Swift partnering with each other. Earlier,…

5 months ago

SWIFT not joining hands with RippleNet

The Speculation that went through in the previous days that RippleNet and SWIFT were joining hands to integrate Ripple's products…

7 months ago

Are Ripple & Swift working together? Rivals or Partners?

Can 6-Year-old Ripple compete with 45-Year-old Swift, or are they even competing? In June 2018, the financial times (ft.com) featured…

9 months ago

Ripple partners with Santander Bank. Will it increase XRP Price?

On October 2, Ripple Labs reported the integration of RippleNet into OnePay FX, a mobile application for cross-border payments created…

9 months ago

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