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bitcoin cash fork

Roger Ver & Bitmain face lawsuit for allegedly hijacking Bitcoin Cash Network

After the deadly hash-wars between Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV teams, which eventually led to the entire cryptocurrency…

6 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Hash Wars Over. The result and price analysis

After many days and millions of dollars spent and wasted, the bitcoin cash hash war or ego war is finally…

7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash SV Surging: Can BCHSV price surpass BCHABC?

Bitcoin Cash experienced a hard fork on 15th November this year when the cryptocurrency was split into two: Bitcoin Cash…

7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Updates: ABC exposed to vulnerability

The hard fork of Bitcoin Cash happened on 15th November which is being blamed for the real reason behind the…

7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Hard fork screwed the whole cryptocurrency market

The original Bitcoin Cash split into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV during the hard fork but no one is sure…

7 months ago

Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the real winner of the Hash War

Bitcoin hardfork was successful and BCH split into two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. Both the coins…

7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH post fork downfall

MACD – Set in the bullish zone. Relative Strength Index – Cose to the 40 level. Significant Support Level –…

7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Will BCH fall down?

MACD – The MACD for BCH/USD is as yet put in the bearish zone. Relative Strength Index – Close to…

7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Upgrade: Based on Consensus is foul, Cry Purists

Bitcoin Cash is up for an upgrade come November 15. However, the developers are seeking industry-wide consensus before committing to…

8 months ago

Bitcoin Cash HardFork: Coinbase, Binance Announce Support for Nov Upgrade

Bitcoin Cash Price Rise ahead of Hardfork Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is up by 15 percent ahead of the upcoming hard…

8 months ago

Bitcoin cash mining. How to mine Bitcoin Cash explained.

A step by step procedure in order to initiate Bitcoin Cash mining. Intro Due to the scalability issues with respect…

10 months ago

Upcoming Bitcoin Forks of 2018.

Some of the preeminent and upcoming Bitcoin Forks. Intro Some of the major Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc are highly…

10 months ago

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