SWIFT will use XRapid to process payments using XRP. Here is the proof

Swift has redefined their standards document and added new features around payment which we can see in the SWIFT gpi video posted by Swift on 1st March 2018. At the same time, SWIFT has built the API interfaces to be able to plug in Ripple Net for XCurrent or XRapid.



The XCurrent’s Video posted by Ripple seems to have exactly the same features as the SWIFT gpi.



Swift’s GPI vs Ripple’s XCurrent:

The Swift’s GPI and the Ripple’s XCurrent seem to be precisely the same thing. Here are the similarities:

  • Faster Payments: Minutes/Seconds
  • End to End Messaging
  • Track Payments across multiple Banks
  • Weeks 4 dots = Weeks/months
  • Uses predefined payment rails


TAS Ground and Ripple Partnership


The TasGroup is a payment hub for Europe and they are espousing the benefits of Ripple XCurrent or XRapid in this public document:


One-pager - TAS Group (2)-001


Will the partnership between RIPPLE’s XCurrent or XRapid and SWIFT be a boost to the price of XRP? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.




  1. They are different technologies. Swift GPI is an upgrade to the existing swift system, it does not source liquidity via XRP and you still need money tied up in nostro, similar to Ripple’s XCurrent. The risk adverse that do not like change will stick with SWIFT and upgrade while keeping an eye on how things go with those early adopters that choose Ripple’s XRapid solution. For sure SWIFT will get the largest share of the market to begin with as it is the natural upgrade path for those already on the SWIFT platform, but the cost savings of XRapid will tempt those customers over in the future as long as the experience encountered by the first few is good and lives up to expectations. Being able to pull resources from nostro and use elsewhere is not something they will overlook for long.

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