Disappointed by Swell? XRP whales want you to dump, do not panic sell

XRP Whales want you to dump your XRP

Are you disappointed because XRP price did not have a blast? That is precisely what the XRP whales want you to feel.

In this article, we will cover some very positive news about Ripple, RippleNet & xRapid. Let’s look at 3 reasons why you should not panic sell your XRP. XRP might soon be in another bull run.


1. Amazon could be seriously working with Ripple on xRapid

There were serious talks within the audience that attended Swell Day 1 yesterday, that Amazon might soon start accepting cryptocurrencies in XRP and not Bitcoin.


Let’s look at why XRP will make more sense for Amazon than Bitcoin:

A. Fast Transaction & lower Costs with XRP

Bitcoin has high fees and high volatility. Ripple offers a solution to this.

Transaction time is less than 10 seconds with Ripple, and the transaction fee for XRP is only 0.00001 XRP. Even if XRP reaches $10, this fee os 0.0001 Penny.


B. High Supply of XRP with low Volatility

Ripple XRP offers low volatility. Also, a lower price per XRP (let’s suppose XRP reaches $1) is more customer friendly, and merchant friendly.


C. XRP is working with Banks, which makes it more trusted for “New” crypto users

With the launch of xRapid yesterday, XRP is now more trusted by the general public. Imagine someone very new to crypto, it makes more sense for him to trust XRP, which is being trusted by financial institutions and banks than to trust Bitcoin.


2. xRapid is now Officially launched

XRP rose from $0.326 level to $0.5 level in anticipation that xRapid will be launched, which ultimately results in mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, particularly XRP.



Since xRapid has been officially launched yesterday at the Day 1 of Swell event, the price rise is inevitable.

Ripple XRP upside breakout
Ripple XRP upside breakout


3. FUD of Swell 2017:

There is a FUD rising that compares the #SwellByRipple 2018 with Swell 2017.

If we look at how Swell Conference went in 2017 and compare it with the current Swell event, there are differences.

Ripple’s xRapid and RippleNet was still in testing phases during 2017’s event, and now they are officially launched and being used by banks and financial institutions.


The Bottom Line

When developing your strategy for trading, it’s essential for traders to set up tight risk controls for themselves and stay safe from market FUD.

This article was an opinion of the writer and is meant to only educate you regarding how to stay safe from FUD and negative news. It is not a financial advise.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, comment below and tell us, it will motivate us to write more for you.



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