Survey reveals only 2% of UK citizens own bitcoin – Bitcoin News

A survey revealed that only 2% of UK Citizens own bitcoin and have plans to buy some in the future. According to the data collected via the survey, the widespread adoption of bitcoin in the UK seems quite far as of now. The lack of regulatory clarity over the crypto industry has held back the country from seeing positive growth.

A survey conducted by Crypto radar revealed that only a few people in the UK have plans to buy the leading cryptocurrency. Out of 2,500 people between the age of 18-65+, 67.5% of people said that they do not own any bitcoin and are don’t have plans to buy either.

The numbers are more surprising considering the Brexit factor. Several traders believe that bitcoin could be the best bet in case of a financial crisis. More than 20% of people who participated in the survey said that they never heard of bitcoin.

Only 5% of the sample population answered yes to the question if they hold any bitcoin and out those only 2% are planning to more, while 3% do not have plans to buy more bitcoin then they already have. The lack of regulatory clarity could be one of the main reasons why UK citizens do not plan on buying the leading cryptocurrency.

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