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SuperRare Expands into Bitcoin Ordinals, Unveils ‘No Brainers’ NFT Collection

SuperRare, a leading NFT marketplace, enters the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem with a collaboration with Gamma, offering artists new opportunities in the crypto art space.

SuperRare, a prominent nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, has ventured into the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem through its collaboration with Bitcoin-based art platform Gamma.

This move signifies SuperRare's shift towards a more multichain approach in its operations, as the NFT marketplace previously focused solely on transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Zack Yanger, Senior Vice President of SuperRare Labs, stated that the decision to explore Bitcoin NFTs came after receiving significant interest from their artist community. This interest prompted them to experiment with Ordinals to support artists on their platform, citing liquidity as a key benefit for artists:

"Bitcoin is the largest blockchain with the most potential liquidity by far. If we can help artists connect with a new class of crypto collectors, we consider that to be a massive win."

Yanger noted that since beginning to explore the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem in 2023, he has encountered many individuals working within the space and has observed significant development within Ordinals. He described the teams building on Ordinals as "thoughtful" and "intelligent."

While some in the crypto community view Ordinals as innovative, not everyone is enthusiastic about the protocol, with some accusing it of bringing digital spam to the Bitcoin network. Despite this, Yanger believes that Bitcoin Ordinals are here to stay, particularly in the higher-value end of the digital art market, where transaction fees are less of a concern.

SuperRare made its debut on Bitcoin Ordinals with a collaboration with the artist Killer Acid on an NFT collection called "No Brainers." Known for mysterious, humorous, and detailed psychedelic art, Killer Acid's collection is a unique addition to the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.