Trump’s former adviser trying to launch his cryptocurrency, now teams up with Chinese spiritual movement – Steve Bannon News

Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon who tried to launch his cryptocurrency, is now teaming up with a Chinese spiritual movement that reportedly believes Trump will bring about Judgement Day. Steve Bannon's political-thriller will premier on One America News Network this Saturday. The film is based on the real-life legal battle of Huawei executive who got arrested in Canada.

Claws of the Red Dragon follows the story of a Chinese executive who gets arrested in Canada and the legal battle that follows. The company that funded the movie New Tang Dynasty said to have close ties with a spiritual movement that believes Trump will usher people in the end times. The Financial Times reported that the political movie shows China in a bad light.

New Tang Dynasty is part of the far-right media outlet Epoch Media Group. Earlier, NBC reported that there is no bigger advocate of Donald Trump on Facebook than The Epoch Times. The non-profit news outlet has reportedly spent more than $1.5 million on pro-Trump advertisements.

Steve Bannon has different views on cryptocurrencies as to Donald Trump. Bannon believes that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could play a huge role in the future.

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