Stephen Curry’s SC30 will not invest any money into blockchain

Stephen Curry's new investment fund, SC30 will not invest in the blockchain technology. SC30's president Bryant Barr, Curry's former roommate, believes that the technology is not practical yet. Along with blockchain, the duo also refused to invest in CBD and gambling. Barr called this a brand decision. SC30 would also avoid investing in the medical space.

Blockchain technology has mostly received positive reception from all around the world. Firms like IMB, JPMorgan are using this technology to change how business is done potentially. But the Stephen Curry’s SC30 is siding with the critics of blockchain technology. According to a Yahoo Finance report, SC30 president Bryant Barr said that he loves blockchain in theory, but it is not practical at the moment.

Barr added that consumers need to understand blockchain if they are going to use it, and it is difficult to explain the technology in a dumbed-down layman’s version. Curry said that he is only going to invest in the ideas that he believes in and understands. He informed that they have passed on the high-growth enterprise space.

Barr and Stephen Curry reflected upon a few missed opportunities in recent startups. The duo had the chance to invest in Zoom (ZM) and Pagreduty (PD) in the private market.

There are several celebrities who are on board with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Earlier, rapper Snoop Dogg sold his albums in BTC. Madon was reported to have teamed up with Facebook and Ripple to help signal-boost an online fundraiser.

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