Stellar Latest Updates, XLM Price Analysis

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Keeping up with the changing attributes in the crypto domain is highly challenging in this busy world. Therefore, the article intuitively covers the recent advancements with respect to Stellar.  


Advancements with respect to Stellar

1. Starting off with Stellar, the Stellar Foundation has come up with an initiative, in order to launch a dedicated Decentralized Exchange within a few months. It has been estimated that developers are working on the core protocol to develop the decentralized exchange which would indirectly bring more liquidity into the market.  


2. Also recently in September 2018, the Stellar coin, managed to overtake EOS cryptocurrency blockchain project which was standing at the 5th position. The market capitalization reached $5.6 billion as the market capitalization of EOS was $5.5 billion.


Price analysis

XLMUSD Price Chart
XLMUSD Price Chart



The price of Stellar lumens was around $0.19 during the initial days of July but within a week the price reached a support level of $0.21. By mid-July, the prices again fell up to $0.18 but once again skyrocketed and reached $0.31 level.



In August 2018, the prices fell from $0.26 to $0.21. The price was moving sideways for the rest of the month.



The price reached its all-time high of the respective month with $0.284 and was hovering over around this level itself.



Slight negative momentum was observed as the prices fell from $0.28 to $0.21. However, the current prices around $0.218306.

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