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What is Stellar? Is it a good investment for 2018?



The Stellar network was founded in 2014 and one might confuse it with another most trending network protocol, Ripple. Founded by Jed McCaleb.

Understanding the reasons why the Stellar network is here to stay.


It is no wonder that Bitcoin created a spark in the cryptocurrency market in 2017 by reaching an all-time high, among all the other currencies ever existed, which has given rise to a number of other cryptocurrencies including Stellar who fight with each other for its financial adoption like Bitcoin. Bitcoin, although is the most popular cryptocurrency, it’s limited market capital is one of the setbacks along with its scalability.

The Stellar network

The Stellar network was founded in 2014 and one might confuse it with another most trending network protocol, Ripple. It is a fact that the founder of both the networks is the same person Jed McCaleb. He had founded Ripple earlier but had to depart from it due to the difference in opinion between him and the other board of directors at Ripple. Along with Joyce Kim, he initiated the Stellar project in 2014 in order to provide a cheap and quick settlement system. The open source software is registered under the Apache Licence, it’s open source nature makes it free to use by anyone interested.


The Stellar network is most famous for settling the transactions anywhere between 2 to 5 seconds, which facilitated the users of the Stripe payment Protocol, in order to settle the transactions as fast as possible. This can be considered as a foundation for partnering with the most famous IT company, IBM.

Decentralisation upper hand of the Stellar network

Many cryptocurrency network protocols are, to an extent, centralized. This is evident from the incident when McCaleb funds were frozen on the Ripple network due to the disagreement between him and board members, this incident is a direct example of how one can control others funds according to their wish.


The Stellar network seems to be incorporating the best features from both the Ripple Network and Bitcoin protocol. When it comes to attributes like transaction speed, transaction cost, and scalability, Stellar seems to be providing a viable solution. The Stellar network aims in ending the Global poverty by reducing the transaction speed and cost. This philanthropic principle of the network sets it apart from all the other cryptocurrency protocols.


The native currency of the Stellar network, Lumen is inflationary in nature. Each year 1% of the cryptocurrency is created and the fees are recycled. The Consensus Protocol used by the Stellar core is known as the ‘Stellar Consensus Protocol.’ The consensus protocol has four important attributes. They are.

  1. Decentralized control
  2. Lesser latency
  3. Flexible Trust
  4. Asymptotic security

A number of Stellar servers are installed across the world which comes to a consensus every 2 to 4 seconds to verify the authenticity of the ledger. A ledger has a record of all the accounts on the network. A regular verification makes sure that no data is being tampered with on the network.


The Stellar network is so powerful that it is estimated to single-handedly replace the Ripple and Bitcoin network. Stellar is putting a firm foundation with its decentralized nature from Bitcoin and a fast settlement system from Ripple.

Future of Stellar

The cryptocurrency is currently trading around $0.232908 and is on the 7th position according to the Coinmarketcap with respect to its market capitalization. The future of this particular cryptocurrency seems to be highly promising as it is backed up by robust companies like IBM and KlickEx. Also, companies like Deloitte have incorporated this system and working four weeks of time they experienced a 40% expenditure drop in their banking sector.  IBM along with 12 other banks across the world have joined hands for the faster transaction of financial assets throughout the world.


The cryptocurrency system incorporates an amazing pair of the feature, i.e high returns, and low risk. The Ripple network is currently under risk due to its Centralised nature, this is where Stellar network plays a major role in taking ahead of the world economy. Although the price chart seems to be bearish, on a short-term basis, the cryptocurrency is to experience a widespread adoption, when viewed from a broader frame of reference.


In the current situation, most of the cryptocurrencies which existed a few months back have completely vanished now. Hence, one must be careful about their investments as their market is completely subjected to risk. Although the cryptocurrency is experiencing widespread adoption, a sudden downfall might happen due to unexpected circumstances.

#Daily Price Analysis

XLM Daily Trading Signals: 23 October



Dominant bias for STELLAR (XLM): Bullish

Resistance Levels: $0.2700, $0.2900, $0.3000

Support Levels: $0.2000, $0.18000, $0.01600


XLM is in a bullish trend  The bullish pressure is much evident as XLMUSD was up $0.2590 at the resistance area 20th on October but briefly lost momentum as the bears stage a comeback. The bear pressure was strong with the cryptocurrency making a low of $0.2431 in the support area on 22nd  October but the candle closes as a bullish hammer, a signal to a reversal.


XLM 4-hour chart

XLM 4-hour chart


The bulls returned was with a bullish marubozo candle at $0.2434 and XLMUSD was up at $0.2484 in the resistance area before the session ended on 22nd October. The 4-hour opening candle today was bullish and XLMUSD was up at  $0.2520 earlier today with more room for upward movement.

Price is above the 34 EMA a strong indication to bullish pressure and the relative strength index is at 55% a buying zone. Moreover, price is forming higher highs and higher lows that are characteristic features of the up-trending market.  It implies that the bulls are in full control of the market. As more buyers take a position today the cryptocurrency may retest $0.27000 in the resistance area.

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#Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON: Price Analysis, 11 August.



The Bitcoin Price downtrend can reach out to the following support levels at $5,400 and $5,000. ETH will pick up strength if the price supports above $620.


The bulls have protected the basic support level at $6,075.04 for as far back as two days. In spite of the fact that this is a positive sign, a more honed pullback would have given us more noteworthy certainty that the bulls are forcefully purchasing at these levels. As the recuperation has been feeble, we should depend on different signs to anticipate the following plausible heading on Bitcoin.

BTCUSD Price Chart 11 August

BTCUSD Price Chart 11 August

The moving midpoints are very nearly finishing a bearish hybrid, which is a negative sign. Then again, the RSI is near the oversold domain, which demonstrates the offering has been overcompensated and a pullback is likely.

Any pullback will confront a hardened resistance at the downtrend line of the plummeting triangle and after that at the moving midpoints. The virtual money will hint at the primary bullishness once it maintains above $7,200.

There is a probability for the BTC/USD match to remain extend bound somewhere in the range of $6,000 and $8,500. We have arrived at this conclusion in light of the fact that the base — around $6,000 — and the best — around $8,500 — have held twice since May of this current year. In this manner, forceful brokers can enter long positions at $6,800 with the stops beneath $5,900 and anticipate that a rally will $8,500. This is a hazardous exchange since we are hopping the weapon, so we recommend utilizing just 30 percent of the typical distribution. Positions can be included after the price maintains above $7,200.

Our perspective of the development of a range will be refuted if the bears sink prices underneath $5,900. Under such conditions, the downtrend can reach out to the following support levels at $5,400 and $5,000.


Ethereum is attempting to skip off the basic support at $358. On August 8, the tumble to $346.35 was the most minimal level since November 19 of a year ago. The pullback on August 9 was unremarkable as the price withdrew from $370.39.

ETHUSD Price Chart 11 August

ETHUSD Price Chart 11 August

In the event that the bears drive the prices underneath $346, the fall can reach out to $280. In spite of the fact that the RSI is as of now in the oversold region, we are not sure about a ricochet yet on the grounds that amid the past fall in late Walk of this current year, the RSI had progressed toward becoming profoundly oversold before a recuperation happened.

We will turn positive on the ETH/USD combine once it supports over the 50-day SMA. Until at that point, we recommend merchants stay on the sidelines.


Ripple tumbled to $0.32 on August 8, just beneath our proposed focus of $0.32862. In the event that this level additionally breaks, the following stop is at $0.24001.

XRPUSD Price Chart 11 August

XRPUSD Price Chart 11 August

Despite the fact that the RSI is in a profoundly oversold domain, the feeble endeavour to pull back on August 9 demonstrates that the purchasers are in no rush to purchase the cryptographic money.

We will sit tight for the XRP/USD match to frame a bullish example before turning positive on it. The principal indication of strength will be the point at which the price maintains over the 50-day SMA.


Bitcoin Cash made another year-to-date low on August 8 when it tumbled to $564.9304. The pullback endeavor on August 9 confronted a barricade at $619.7510.

BCHUSD Price Chart 11 August

BCHUSD Price Chart 11 August

The BCH/USD combine can now retest the support at $537.8221, which is the intraday low made on November 8 of a year ago. This is a noteworthy support; henceforth, we envision a solid purchasing in the zone of $537.8221 — $619.7510. The pair will pick up strength if the price supports above $620.

Then again, if the bears break beneath $537.8221, the coin can droop to $400.


After a fizzled pullback endeavor on August 9, EOS is probably going to extend its descending move to the following support zone of $3.8723 — $4.3396.

EOSUSD Price Chart 11 August

EOSUSD Price Chart 11 August

We like that the EOS/USD match is as yet citing great over its year-to-date lows. The oversold levels on the RSI point to a plausible bounce back from the zone somewhere in the range of $3.8723 and $4.3396. We will sit tight for a solid bob to emerge before prescribing any purchases on the combine.

Our bullish view will be discredited if the bears break and support beneath $3.8723.


Litecoin has remembered the distance back to the levels last observed in mid-November of a year ago. This is a negative sign.

LTCUSD Price Chart 11 August

LTCUSD Price Chart 11 August

An endeavour to pull back on August 9 failed out at $65 and right now the bears are attempting to stretch out the decay to the following focus of $57.

Between late September to early November of a year ago, the LTC/USD match over and over discovered support near the $48 — $52 zone. Along these lines, we anticipate that this zone will go about as a solid support amid the present fall.

Any pullback will confront a firm resistance at the 20-day EMA and at $74.074. We will sit tight for the pattern to change before proposing any long positions on it.


The pullback endeavour on August 9 couldn’t scale over the $0.13 line. The past solid support will now go about as a solid resistance. Except if Cardano rapidly transcends $0.13, it is in danger of separating of $0.111843.

ADAUSD Price Chart 11 August

ADAUSD Price Chart 11 August

Underneath $0.111843, the following level to keep an eye out for is $0.078215. Any fall underneath this level will push the ADA/USD match into an uncharted domain, which is a bearish sign.

We will turn positive on the cryptographic money after it quits falling, breaks out of the downtrend line and ascensions above $0.15.


Stellar ricocheted pointedly on August 9, which is a positive sign. This demonstrates the bulls are quick to claim it on plunges.

XLMUSD Price Chart 11 August

XLMUSD Price Chart 11 August

The level of $0.184 is one to look out for on the drawback since it has held since December of a year ago. Despite the fact that it was broken on a couple of events, the bears couldn’t maintain the prices beneath $0.184. Subsequently, we anticipate that the support will hold this time also.

On the off chance that, in opposition to our desire, the digital currency maintains underneath $0.184, it will wind up negative and can drop to $0.09. As we are generally bullish on the XLM/USD combine, we may recommend a purchase once it maintains over the moving midpoints.


The oversold level on the RSI has neglected to draw in purchasers. Particle keeps on looking frail on the charts, with a plausible drop to the example focus of $0.5721. In the event that this level likewise breaks, the following stop can be at $0.5 — $0.52.

IOTAUSD Price Chart 11 August

IOTAUSD Price Chart 11 August

Verifiably, an oversold level on the RSI has brought about a pullback. On the past two events when the RSI was near oversold levels, the Particle/USD match stayed in a range for a couple of days before climbing.

In this way, if the bulls guard one of the previously mentioned support levels, the match may endeavour a pullback. Any recuperation endeavour will confront a solid resistance at the past solid support of $0.9150. We will sit tight for a bullish example to create before recommending any long positions.


Tron is attempting to skip off the basic support at $0.022806. In spite of the fact that the bulls have safeguarded the support for as long as two days, they have neglected to accomplish an important pullback.

TRXUSD Price Chart 11 August

TRXUSD Price Chart 11 August

The bears will now endeavour to break the support at $0.022806. In the event that fruitful, the TRX/USD combine will turn out to be to a great degree negative. The lower levels to look out for are $0.018297 and $0.01095383. Be that as it may, both of these are not exceptionally solid support levels, henceforth, it is hard to anticipate where the purchasers will advance in.

Our bearish view will be discredited if the bulls purchase the plunge beneath $0.022806 and push the prices above $0.02801344. Long positions ought to stay away from until the point when the prices balance out.

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#Daily Price Analysis

Stellar XLM Price Analysis: XLM/USD Bulls Awaiting



Stellar XLM Price is in revision mode and may discover more bullish vitality holding up comfortable Lie retracement levels.

Stellar XLM Price Key Features

  • Stellar XLM Price is right now withdrawing from its highs yet might sit tight for a more bullish strain to kick in.
  • Stellar XLM Price is at present testing the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, with the territory of intrigue still a bit lower.
  • Specialized pointers appear to support a continuation of the bullish run.

Stellar XLM Price is in revision mode and may discover more bullish vitality holding up comfortable Lie retracement levels.

Specialized Pointers Signs

The 100 SMA is securely over the more drawn out term 200 SMA to affirm that the easy way out is to the upside. This flags the uptrend will probably continue than to turn around. The hole is by all accounts augmenting to flag strengthening bullish weight moreover.

In any case, Stellar XLM Price simply broke underneath the 100 SMA dynamic support to demonstrate that a touch of bearish energy is returning. All things considered, a more profound pullback could be likely to work out, conceivably until the 61.8% Lie at the zone of intrigue checked and the 200 SMA dynamic enunciation point.

RSI is as of now dunking into an oversold region to propose an arrival in bullish weight soon. Stochastic is now advancing up to flag that purchasers are recovering the high ground while at the same time merchants enjoy a reprieve.

XLMUSD Price Chart 31 July

XLMUSD Price Chart 31 July

Digital forms of money have been in revision or combination mode after a previous couple of long stretches of mobilizes as bulls delay to reexamine their possessions and sit tight for more positive impetuses. Likewise, the dollar has drawn some support for Gross domestic product desires and situated for the FOMC articulation and NFP discharge this week.

In any case, Stellar XLM Price could be ready to assemble some energy as one of its accomplices, SatoshiPay, is set to enter the London Stock Trade through an Initial public offering. In their declaration, SatoshiPay noted:

“We are getting ready to open up to the world on Point, the market for development organizations at the London Stock Trade, not long from now. We are likewise cheerful to declare that London based crypto-speculator Daniel Experts is providing us with €566k in pre-Initial public offering financing. This will be a noteworthy lift for Stellar XLM Price permeability and appropriation.”

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