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Starbucks to start accepting Bitcoin



Starbucks is working with Microsoft on technology that would enable you to pay for triple venti lattes with Bitcoin as opposed to cash.

Starbucks is working with Microsoft on technology that would enable you to pay for triple venti lattes with Bitcoin as opposed to cash.

The two organizations, alongside Intercontinental Trade and BCG, are joining forces on another organization called Bakkt that would give the two people and establishments a chance to purchase, offer, store, and spend digital forms of money. The administration is relied upon to dispatch in November.

“As the lead retailer, Starbucks will assume an urgent part in creating reasonable, trusted and directed applications for buyers to change over their advanced resources into US dollars for use at Starbucks,” Maria Smith, VP of organizations and instalments for Starbucks, said in an announcement. “As a pioneer in Portable Pay to our in excess of 15 million Starbucks Prizes individuals, Starbucks is focused on advancement for growing instalment alternatives for our clients.”

The administration would enable clients to utilize an advanced wallet and change over Bitcoin and different monetary forms into dollars that can be utilized to make buys at Starbucks and in addition different retailers.

The move would add Starbucks to a developing rundown of organizations that acknowledge Bitcoin as a type of instalment. A few organizations that have already acknowledged Bitcoin have since chosen to quit supporting the digital money. In April, for instance, Expedia dropped support for cryptographic money in somewhat because of the unpredictability in esteem for advanced monetary standards like Bitcoin.


Zebpay dies: Major Indian Bitcoin Exchange shuts down



Zebpay, India's leading cryptocurrency exchange has announced the covering of all exchange services on Friday following the national bank's banking ban.

Zebpay, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange has announced the covering of all exchange services on Friday following the national bank’s banking ban on the crypto business.



Started in 2015, Zebpay began exchanging with an application just administration that rapidly wound up one of India’s most-downloaded bitcoin wallet and exchange applications. With a know your customer (KYC) demonstrate, Zebpay struck a large portion of a million downloads on Android – the nation’s most-mainstream cell phone stage – in mid-2017 and immediately multiplied to hit a million application downloads amid 2017’s bear kept running in October.

The organization anticipated up to a large portion of a million new clients joining the stage each month at the time, up from 200,000 new clients as of now joining the stage.

On its site, Zebpay demonstrates it has 3 million clients utilizing its iOS and Android applications, with support for 20 cryptocurrencies and 22 exchanging pairs.

Reputed to be in converses with raise an extra $4 million in financing at one phase, Zebpay is currently stopping all exchange services at 1600 nearby time on Friday. The move is an immediate outcome of a devastating strategy presented by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s national bank, to drive all directed money related organizations – including banks – from offering services to the local cryptocurrency industry.


In a declaration, Zebpay stated:

The check on bank accounts has crippled our, and our customer’s, capacity to execute business genuinely. Now, we can’t locate a sensible method to lead the cryptocurrency exchange business.

All unexecuted crypto-to-crypto orders will be dropped, Zebpay included, with all tokens to be attributed back to customers’ wallets. The wallet benefit “will keep on working” for customers to store and pull back their coins, the organization said. In any case, it stays to be checked whether wallet picks up improvement support later on.

In late June, Zebpay cautioned that fiat withdrawals could wind up unimaginable in front of the approaching banking ban that took impact on July 5, 2018. Multi day before the banking freeze, the organization stopped all fiat stores and withdrawals at the exchange. Different exchanges, in the interim, are discovering novel approaches to go around the ban.

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Blockchain for business. When to use blockchain explained



Blockchain has opened up opportunities for businesses in many ways. There is no specific time if one asks when to use blockchain for businesses?

Comprehending the situations as when to use Blockchain.


The Blockchain technology is highly revolutionary in nature as it is already self-evident from the current statistics.  It is estimated that the blockchain technology is being tried and tested on the various other techniques as well as nontechnical domain, in order to eliminate all the all kinds of intermediaries or third parties which are required to run the system. For instance, the blockchain technology is effectively being tested in order to conduct elections in a fair manner. In fact, some of the countries have even successfully conducted elections using the blockchain technology. Let us see when to use Blockchain Technology?


When to use Blockchain?

Blockchain has opened up opportunities for businesses in many ways. It has enabled the entrepreneurs to come forward with their innovative ideas and with the blockchain based Initial Coin Offerings they would be enabled to raise huge amounts of funds in an unbiased manner throughout the world. There is no specific time that needs to be followed if one asks when to use blockchain for businesses? The cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology is open for each and every individual at any point of time for their service.


When to use Blockchain? When the business company needs a third party

The users or business corporations can effectively use the Blockchain technology,  in order to incentivize their business operations and optimize the efficiency of the output. The business companies may use the blockchain technology in the areas of the domain within their operations which require any third party intermediaries in order to undertake a process. as the Blockchain Technology was inherently designed to remove all the third party intermediaries within the system.

When to use Blockchain? When the organization lacks trust

When to use blockchain for businesses? The business operations of a company can use the blockchain technology within their working paradigm when they realize that there is a lack of Trust within their ecosystem which needs to be worked on or concentrated upon. The blockchain for business businesses was also designed in order to reduce the trust gap between citizens of this generation.


When to use Blockchain? When Database is involved

The business organizations can also incorporate the Blockchain Technology instead of the traditional Relational Database Management System. One must keep in mind that Blockchain technology is nothing but a combination of the distributed ledger as well as amazing Consensus mechanisms. The Distributed Ledger can store the information that the business corporation needs to store in a highly secure manner and the Consensus algorithms could be incorporated by the business corporations in order to keep track of the authenticity of the information on the blockchain, even though the ledger would be distributed among all the individuals of the company.


When to use Blockchain? It depends on the situation

Blockchain for businesses is the dead opposite when compared to the traditional cryptocurrencies. In case of Bitcoin, for example, anonymity is the highest priority where all the transactions are connecting to strings of alphanumeric characters but when it comes to the businesses the accounts are most often verified by the KYC and AML procedures, which is nothing but the complete revelation of the identity. Hence if the business needs to incorporate the Blockchain Technology for the financial transactions, then the speed, reliability, as well as the lesser transaction fees are the attributes which would be dominating. But if the business corporation needs to incorporate the Blockchain technology for the storage of information or database in a highly secured manner then its consensus algorithms and Distributed Ledger nature would be highly useful.


When to use Blockchain? When security is crucial

The Blockchain for businesses is any secure as well as a profitable option as the company would also be saving huge amounts of funds, which they would otherwise be spending, in order to incorporate security into their relational database management systems. When to use blockchain Technology? when security is the at most priority for the data, as the Blockchain Technology proves to highly fault tolerant when it comes to data management.  


Closing thoughts

It is also said that the Blockchain technology would be prevailing in the industry forever even if the cryptocurrencies fall. The Blockchain technology is being tested and also dedicated Research and Development Arena has been developed by the governments of various Countries, in order to explore the Blockchain potentials in the other unexplored real-world domains. This is precisely being done in order to effectively solve the practical issues of the society.

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How to use Steemit? Steem, Steem power and Steem Dollars tokens Explained



Steemit blockchain is a blockchain based social media as well as a blogging platform. Deciphering Steem, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars respectively.

Deciphering Steem, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars respectively.


The unsung hero behind the cryptocurrencies is the blockchain technology which is effectively being applied in a variety of domains. The Distributed Ledger Technology is the backbone of the Blockchain technology which proves to be highly effective when it comes to incorporating security within the system. The Blockchain platforms have been developed in order to improve the working paradigm and in turn efficiency of the entire system. Most of the companies have even found ways to monetize the online media content by incorporating the blockchain revolution. Earning revenue has been made very simple through advertisements, distributed file sharing systems, as well as renting away your computing resources. All of which is powered by Blockchain Technology in order to have at most reliability with the ecosystem. Let us read about Steemit and the tokens which power the platform: Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars.


The Steemit community

Steemit blockchain is a blockchain based social media as well as a blogging platform which enables users to earn rewards in the form of revenue by creating quality content and interacting with the website.  The only prerequisite for the users is to have its native cryptocurrency token. Here the publishers develop contents very similar to the blogging platforms like Medium and are rewarded by the viewers based on the quality of their content. Many complex mechanisms are being incorporated in order to maintain the dignity of the ecosystem. Further details of the cryptocurrency Tokens used by the blogging platform is explained below.


How to use Steemit?

In order to use Steemit, the users need to register themselves with the website. The registration process requires some amount of money as a fee, in order to prevent the fraudulent creation of the accounts. Apart from some real monetary value, the registration even requires an email address which would be used for confirmation in various stages in future. The users then need to navigate through the website, in order to view the contents. There are different sections of content available on the website like hot, trending, popular, sponsored, etc. There is also a list of tags, which the user can click upon, in order to view the relevant content with respect to that tag. The user may also visit the wallet menu in the profile where info about the amount of Steem, Steem power, as well as Steem Dollars is displayed. This particular section is absolutely public and all the users can view each other’s wallet balances as well as addresses.


The steem token

STEEM is the base liquid currency token used by the Steemit community. One would easily be able to understand STEEM, as it is just like any other cryptocurrency coin like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency tokens can be powered up into another form of token which is known as STEEM power, along with which, it can be traded with other cryptocurrencies like STEEM Dollars in order to gain some real-world monetary value.

The steem power

STEEM power is nothing but another cryptocurrency token, held by the community members of Steemit, which indirectly represents the amount of influence or power that a particular user has on the blogging platform. Abbreviated as SP, the steem power can be used to influence the value of post as well as comments on the community platform. If a particular user, in any scenario wishes to bring down their STEEM power, then as a compensation they would be receiving the STEEM tokens for a duration of 13 weeks. The STEEM Power cryptocurrency token is less liquid when compared to the other two.


The STEEM Dollars

The next and the last cryptocurrency token used by the community is the STEEM Dollar and often abbreviated as SBD. Steem dollar is highly liquid whose value is pegged to the $1 USD. The STEEM dollars can effectively be used to trade it with STEEM, on various cryptocurrency exchanges. On an average, the conversion process from STEEM dollars to the STEEM token requires 3. 5 days and interestingly the steem dollars can be used as many as online marketplaces which accept it.   

Final conclusion for STEEM, STEEM power, as well as STEEM dollars

It’s absolutely worth mentioning that the Steemit community which incorporates STEEM, STEEM power, as well as steem dollars is the only online social media blogging platform which utilizes the applications of cryptocurrencies and in turn Blockchain Technology.  

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