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Starbucks to start accepting Bitcoin



Starbucks is working with Microsoft on technology that would enable you to pay for triple venti lattes with Bitcoin as opposed to cash.

Starbucks is working with Microsoft on technology that would enable you to pay for triple venti lattes with Bitcoin as opposed to cash.

The two organizations, alongside Intercontinental Trade and BCG, are joining forces on another organization called Bakkt that would give the two people and establishments a chance to purchase, offer, store, and spend digital forms of money. The administration is relied upon to dispatch in November.

“As the lead retailer, Starbucks will assume an urgent part in creating reasonable, trusted and directed applications for buyers to change over their advanced resources into US dollars for use at Starbucks,” Maria Smith, VP of organizations and instalments for Starbucks, said in an announcement. “As a pioneer in Portable Pay to our in excess of 15 million Starbucks Prizes individuals, Starbucks is focused on advancement for growing instalment alternatives for our clients.”

The administration would enable clients to utilize an advanced wallet and change over Bitcoin and different monetary forms into dollars that can be utilized to make buys at Starbucks and in addition different retailers.

The move would add Starbucks to a developing rundown of organizations that acknowledge Bitcoin as a type of instalment. A few organizations that have already acknowledged Bitcoin have since chosen to quit supporting the digital money. In April, for instance, Expedia dropped support for cryptographic money in somewhat because of the unpredictability in esteem for advanced monetary standards like Bitcoin.


10 Reasons why institutional investors are entering the cryptocurrency space.



Institutional investors are looking forward to an opportunity to invest or rather stake their money into the cryptocurrency industry.

Institutional investors and their importance in the cryptocurrency market.


It is not very uncommon that the institutional investors are looking forward to an opportunity to invest or rather stake their money into the cryptocurrency industry because it is highly fluctuating and the Return On Investments can be maximized by day trading or long-term investing by hodling the cryptocurrency coins. By keeping a track of the price volatility in the cryptocurrency exchanges and a number of day traders make a decent amount of profit in the field and some of the cryptocurrency projects which are notably massive in their implementation and roadmap, the institutional investors are precisely searching for such kinds of investment.

In other words, a real-world practical working model would automatically attract institutional investors from all over the world. According to reports it is estimated that the institutional investors are gaining a lot of interest in the crypto domain these days. Below are 10 reasons quoted for the same…


1. A number of cryptocurrency organizations these days are offering custodial services to the institutional investors in order to safeguard their cryptocurrency funds, in the form of Cold Storage facilities. Prominent financial organizations like Coinbase as well as Goldman Sachs are introducing such services for Bitcoin and Ethereum.


2. Recently The Securities And Exchange Commission in the United States has postponed its verdict with respect to the initiation of Bitcoin ETFs. The results are speculated to be on the positive side, as they have postponed the verdict so as to have a deeper look into the matter.


3. This is not the end, the SEC further has 9 more similar applications which also remain pending.  The experts predict that even this verdict would also be favouring the institutional investors. Therefore these institutional Investors must brace themselves for a whole new upcoming wave in the cryptocurrency market.


4. It is even being observed that many Governments, as well as financial regulators, are favouring the cryptocurrencies. This would indirectly help in a higher cryptocurrency adoption among the institutional investors as well. Hence the institutional investors need to tap the upcoming cryptocurrency boom which the world is to experience. With higher crypto regulations in place, the people would be opting for them with lesser hesitation.


5. With a firm framework with respect to the custodial services, many institutional investors will opt for the Crypto investment. As the state of the crypto domain was quite unregulated until now, the complete transparency from the SECs side is relieving, as the current KYC procedures are not so safe.


6. It is observed consistently at a number of prominent Blockchain summits and conferences that the government is shifting its perspective towards cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, therefore, both fields are undoubtedly expected to rise. Therefore this is a great opportunity for institutional investors in order to grab the piece of cake.


7. Apart from the governments and financial organizations even the normal public masse also are realizing the underlying principle of the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies. With greater understanding, comes greater exposure. Hence the public will opt to invest in them. Therefore it is a wonderful opportunity for the institutional investors to join the revolution.


8. The crypto domain is highly volatile currently and needs the required amount of stability which can only be achieved through long-term investment by the institutional investors and Venture capitalists. It would increase the market volume and decrease the fluctuations, therefore, rendering a more stable market.


9. The initiation of the Bitcoin Futures trading through CME and CBOE would legalize the investments in Bitcoin which is highly favourable for the institutional investors.


10. According to experts, the seasoned investors like the institutional investors enter the market when the prices have corrected themselves and are low. What better opportunity can an institutional investor find other than the present, as the cryptocurrency market is at it’s lowest levels.


Institutional investors along with care venture capitalist are some of the only personals, who can be effectively be relied upon, in order to expand and stabilize the cryptocurrency market by staking their investment in the domain. Although the crypto market is in its natal stages, it’s a due responsibility of the Institutional investors to help it grow.

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#Bitcoin Price Analysis

Cryptocurrency Market Facing huge losses. Is it the right time to invest?



It is always observed that, after a downfall, the cryptocurrency market mostly experiences a correction and regains stability.

Understanding the reasons for the Bitcoin downfall and deciphering the suitability of the investment.


Investing in the cryptocurrency market is not any less than, gambling on a higher scale, just that the process is completely online and real-time in nature. It never closes as the cryptocurrency market runs 24/7 throughout the year which makes it highly suitable for the day traders to analyze the investors to track the cryptocurrencies in order to make some profits from them. Trading with cryptocurrencies is an art which can be mastered with consistent practice. It is observed that many of them become millionaires by investing in the cryptocurrencies while on the other hand it is also observed that many enthusiasts have lost their previous savings by investing in the crypto. Therefore it is highly speculative and the newcomers are advised to make an extensive research about the cryptocurrency they are opting to invest in it.


The Loop

Is observed carefully the cryptocurrencies undergo a constant cycle. It is observed that initially, Bitcoin leads the bullish market which is followed by the top altcoins which are in turn followed by the other lesser prominent Altcoins. Then huge corrections begin and a new floor price is set for Bitcoin and all the other altcoins as well, then there is no activity in the Crypto space for months together, until and unless another new big cryptocurrency hike is observed. Then the whole process repeats itself.


How are stock markets better than cryptocurrencies?

It is estimated that investing in the cryptocurrencies during the market fall, is the best time, as the currencies would regain the Bullish Trend. But there is a lot of difference in investing in a stock market and cryptocurrency because in stock markets the prices not only depend on the market forces of demand and supply but also the successful adoption of their product or service but in case of crypto market solely depend on the demand and supply. As the cryptocurrencies are not backed by any financial asset it is recommended on generalized terms to stay away from it.  


The actual reason for the market downfall

On 8th August, the prices steeply fell and the precise reason is pointed towards the decision taken by SEC to postpone the decision regarding implementation of the Bitcoin ETF. The prices experienced almost a 6% fall within a span of 24 hours itself to attend $6300. The proposal to the SEC was the third one put forth by the investment firm, VanEck where they had rejects it’s proposals twice, before. This time they willing to consider the issue and hence probably are taking some time to decide on the matter. In simpler words, they are making sure that this would have any adverse side effects on this highly volatile crypto market.  

Price specifications

The Bitcoin prices have fallen from an intraday of  $7600 to almost $6700 approximately. However, this 6% downfall is nothing when compared to a 30 % downfall which the cryptocurrency market had experienced in April 2017, when Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had proposed for the Bitcoin ETFs and it was rejected by the SEC. In a nutshell, this decision has even worsened the market conditions.


Is a good time to invest?

It is always observed that, after a downfall, the cryptocurrency market mostly experiences a correction and regains stability. The trend can also be applied here and hence this can be a great opportunity for the public as well as institutional investors to invest in Bitcoin and other Altcoins, as they are expected to experience a recovery and increase its value. It is not very unnatural in nature that something takes a few steps back in order to experience a giant leap and thus even holds good for the cryptocurrency space.



Although it is a great opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, the fact that constantly needs to be reminded of is that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and subject to the market conditions. An investor compulsorily needs to do an extensive background check on the project prior to investing in it. Otherwise, hasty decisions would lead to tons of losses, which is absolutely not viable in this generation which moves on the competitive edge of the technology. An investor should be able to stake the amount which he or she is OK to lose, otherwise, cryptocurrencies is not a suitable place for them.

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Bitcoin ETF: All you need to know.



Bitcoin ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund which is nothing but shares to be traded and backed by Bitcoin dependent on the price of Bitcoin itself.

Understanding Bitcoin ETFs and its current market conditions.

Opening words

With cryptocurrencies being in the spotlight for so many years, it has given rise to a number of other related financial fields like Initial Coin Offering and Bitcoin ETF or Exchange Traded Funds. Due to the highly volatile behavior of the Cryptocurrencies, many investors around the world are quite speculative and hence backed out from investing in them.  While lack of the crypto regulation in many countries, has taken people back in investing in them, some them are opting to stay away during to more regulations on them. People don’t seem to be content with the current suite of more than 1500 types of cryptocurrencies and need a stable counterpart of it, on the stock market to obtain a similar feeling of trading any normal asset apart from the cryptocurrencies.  


Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund which is nothing but shares to be traded and backed by Bitcoin, whose price fluctuations would be dependent on the price of Bitcoin itself.  In simple words, Bitcoin ETF is nothing but a stock market counterpart of the cryptocurrency market which will open up opportunities for many institutional investors as well as a venture capitalist to come forward and take part in investments. It is even considered to be an innovative way to open up opportunities for the more number of people.


Below are some insights with respect to Bitcoin ETF.

  • Bitcoin ETF is like shares backed by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which has invariably attracted global investments. Assets like Gold, Silver, Oil, etc are traded through ETFs aka Exchange Traded Funds.  


  • It is even considered to be an indirect method of purchasing the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


  • Investing in the Bitcoin ETF is one of the safest methods to shell out profits from them.


  • In the recent days, a number of proposals have been put forth before the SEC, to give them a green signal so that they can be traced on the stock exchanges.


  • Specifically, Solidx Shares Bitcoin ETF along with Direxion Long and Short Bitcoin ETF are the Bitcoin ETFs which are put forth for the proposal before the SEC to get listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) along with Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).


  • Decision date for Solidx Shares Bitcoin ETF by the SEC is on 10th August and for Direxion Long and Short Bitcoin ETF, the deadline was extended to September.


  • This consideration of approval of Bitcoin ETF by the Securities And Exchange Commission is not an easy task, hence it is highly probable that they might postpone both the initiatives, in order to gain maximum time for their decision.


  • The initiative has attracted huge support from the major investors and venture capitalist apart from the community members.  


  • If at all the ETF are given a green signal, they would be coming into existence, not before January 2019. The reason being that a number of other proposals need to be filed which would take up a lot of time.

  • It is noteworthy that CBOE was also the first exchange to initiate Bitcoin Futures in its portfolio. Therefore, even this action is highly affecting the prices.


  • This is considered to be a positive sign in the cryptocurrency space as it is indirectly a regulated form of cryptocurrency.  This is even supported by the fact that JP Morgan and Chase Bank, joined the community after the Initiation of Bitcoin Futures.


  • One must be very careful in this hot cryptocurrency field as it is self-evident that anything which is Hot at last turns cold once it reaches its saturation levels.


Each and every single person on the cryptocurrency platform is looking forward for the decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the Bitcoin ETF which has created a lot of commotion in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. The recent decision, to postpone might be the reason for the Bitcoin fall which indirectly has rendered the altcoins to experience a bearish trend.

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