Alert: Singapore crypto exchange Houbi set to freeze accounts of US users – Cryptocurrency News

The Singapore crypto exchange Houbi will freeze the accounts of the US residents to combat the individuals meddling the user agreement. The US users were able to make accounts and perform trades on the platform, but Houbi is now set to expel its services for them. Users can withdraw their funds up till 13th November.

Houbi, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Asia, is ready to freeze the US users’ accounts on the platform. The action is processed to suppress the individuals violating the User Agreement.

As declared by the exchange, its agreement entirely prohibits the United States residents from using the platform. Henceforth, the firm has decided to freeze the accounts and serve the laws and regulations enforced by the nation concerning the crypto assets. Houbi has rendered the users a grace period to redeem their funds. It will effectively suspend their accounts by 13 November.

The users can retrieve their funds either according to the purchased price and token used or may convert the currency into BTC/USDT. They will have to provide the exchange with their UID, Name, and the Purchase details of the Point Card: Number of points, the token used, token cost, number of copies, total points in the package.

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