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Singapore Court Freezes Wallets as Soulbinding NFTs: A New Era in Crypto Crime Prevention

Singapore's High Court has set a precedent by allowing the attachment of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) containing a court order to cold wallets involved in a hack.

In a groundbreaking legal move, Singapore's High Court has granted permission to Intelligent Sanctuary (iSanctuary), a financial investigation firm, to attach NFTs to cold wallets linked to a crypto hack. This innovative approach signals a pivotal shift in the battle against cryptocurrency-related crime.

A Court-Backed Crypto Freeze Order

The heart of this revolutionary approach lies in tokenizing a court-issued worldwide freeze order as soulbound NFTs. While these NFTs do not physically hinder transactions with the associated wallets, they play a vital role as a deterrent, serving as a conspicuous warning to exchanges and counterparties. Their presence signifies the wallet's involvement in a previous cybercrime, enhancing transparency within the crypto sphere.

Pioneering the Track and Trace of Stolen Funds

iSanctuary's innovative method goes beyond the freeze order. They've devised a mechanism to monitor funds leaving these wallets through the NFTs, enabling swift responses to any illicit activity. This proactive approach marks a significant step in the fight against crypto fraud.

iSanctuary's efforts were triggered by a businessperson's loss of $3 million in crypto assets. By tracking the stolen funds and presenting both on-chain and off-chain evidence to the Singapore High Court, they secured a worldwide injunction. This landmark move represents the first of its kind issued by the Singaporean court, emphasizing its potential to serve as a model for future crypto-related legal actions.

Collaboration with Mintable: Making the Impossible Possible

Mintology, an app developed by Singaporean NFT studio Mintable, played a pivotal role in this groundbreaking case. The NFTs, which are permanently attached to the wallets, were confirmed as the creation of Mintable, aligning with their mission to empower and protect the crypto community.

A Global Cybercrime Investigation

The case at hand involves a stolen private key, with crypto exchanges in Singapore being implicated in the laundering of hacked funds. This complex web of crypto crime stretches across various countries, including Spain, Ireland, Britain, and several other European nations. The scope of this operation underscores the global implications of crypto-related offenses.

Jonathan Benton's Vision

Jonathan Benton, the founder of iSanctuary, hailed this development as a game changer in crypto crime prevention. His firm's approach allows for rapid response and effective monitoring of the blockchain. This shift promises to identify individuals holding illicit assets, enforce civil or criminal orders, and raise red flags in the crypto space.