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Bitcoin community members keep on piecing together the story behind a gigantic wallet containing more than 111,000 BTC ($802 million) — which all of a sudden ended up dynamic after more than four years.


Wallet Address: 1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a



The aftereffects of various investigations by Reddit client u/sick_silk uncover the proprietor of the wallet, which initially showed up in May 2014 with an adjust of 111,114.615 BTC ($802.4 million), has started “effectively” moving coins to goals including trades.

Of the first accumulate, 11,114 BTC ($80.3 million) has exchanged to a Bitfinex wallet, while another 4421 BTC ($32 million) has gone to Binance.

“This speaks to 14% of the first subsidizes and more than $110 (million),” the client notes.

As analysts consider whether the new action denotes the beginning of an auction of the goliath reserve of bitcoin, others keep on examining the starting point of the assets and the conceivable character of the wallet’s proprietor.

A few speculations concocted by u/sick_silk stay open, including connections to the now-dead Dark Web commercial center Silk Road, a Mt. Gox chilly stockpiling wallet, and self-admitted Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright.

The wallet could likewise have a place with an unknown major bagholder.


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