Secret Project or Scam? Justin Sun comes back with BTFS project

Justin Sun, founder of the blockchain-based decentralized platform, Tron is going through a rough patch these days. Things aren’t going well and breezy for him because of his bad habit of exciting things up so much that they lose value.

But he couldn’t help but do it again. On Thursday, Justin went on his twitter to post a tweet telling people that BitTorrent File System(BTFS) have been preparing a ‘secret project.’ On 31st May he posted a tweet mentioning a roadmap for the BTFS. He further added that BTFS would also be added to BitTorrent to bring network and the services it offers to over 100 million users.

Today he tweeted that the ‘secret project’ is related to content sharing and offers a great way of dealing with it. He also mentioned that the project will be open-source and shared with the community.

However, Tron community is not sure about these updates by Justin as they have lost their trust in Justin Sun and his ‘secret project.’ People believe that Justin Sun is planning to conduct a scam with his hyped tweets.

In the past, he had taken decisions that didn’t work well for him — first, the launch of BTT when he already had the token TRX. Recently, the Chinese authorities accused him of being involved with illegal crypto fundraise, running a pornography business and underground gambling.

Justin Sun denied these accusations, but his reputation has gone down for sure.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary is a content writer with computer applications as his background field. His interests range from writing and photography to going out for trips and rides on weekends.

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