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SEC Delays Decision on Grayscale Ethereum Futures ETF Until May

The SEC has delayed its decision on Grayscale's Ethereum Futures Trust ETF until May 30, marking another postponement in the regulatory process for crypto-based investment products.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has once again postponed its decision regarding the approval of Grayscale’s Ethereum Futures Trust exchange-traded fund (ETF). Initially set for a decision by March 31, the SEC has extended the deadline to May 30, citing the need for additional time to consider the proposed rule change and address raised issues.

Background of the Delay

This delay follows a series of postponements and public solicitations for input by the SEC on Grayscale’s innovative product, which aims to invest primarily in Ethereum futures contracts. Grayscale initially proposed the listing and trading of shares of its Ethereum Futures Trust ETF in September 2023, aiming for approval to operate under the New York Stock Exchange Arca Rule 8.200-E.

Strategy and Implications

Observers have speculated that Grayscale's futures ETF application might be a strategic move, potentially serving as a "trojan horse" to facilitate the approval of its spot Ether ETF. Approval of the futures ETF could strengthen Grayscale’s case for its spot Ether ETF, given the SEC’s recent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Increased Scrutiny on Crypto ETFs

The crypto industry is closely watching the SEC's actions, as approval patterns for crypto-based ETFs, particularly those focusing on Bitcoin and possibly Ethereum, may signal the regulatory future of cryptocurrency investments in the U.S. Following the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, there is anticipation and concern about whether the SEC will adopt a more stringent approach towards Ethereum and other crypto-based ETFs.

Broader Impact on the Industry

The SEC’s decisions on Ethereum ETF applications from other asset management firms, including giants like BlackRock and Fidelity, have also been delayed. This collective postponement indicates a cautious and thorough regulatory approach to crypto ETFs, potentially shaping the landscape for cryptocurrency investment products in the United States.


As the SEC takes more time to deliberate on Grayscale’s Ethereum Futures Trust ETF, the cryptocurrency community remains in anticipation, recognizing that the outcome could have significant implications for the future of crypto investments and the broader acceptance of cryptocurrency in the U.S. financial market.