Say Hello to, the Worlds Most Anonymous Legit Bitcoin Laundry

Many Laundry services make claims to being anonymous while backs that up with hard evidence

In the technology world, it’s one thing to say you’re able to do something yet it’s an entirely different matter to actually prove it., the world’s most anonymous bitcoin laundry, has provable tech behind its service claims and is leading the charge in freedom through anonymous cryptocurrency.

Rather than leaning on unproven and porous anonymity technologies developed by other bitcoin laundries, the team went the entire length by first rigorously studying the existing services, finding their vulnerabilities using the in-house-developed Coin Anonymization Event utility, then building a service from scratch which introduced a game-changing, tiered pool structure.


Alpha, Beta, and Gamma – new reserves for the better protection of bitcoin anonymity

Between the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma pools, each client will be able to find a level of service fee, which is suitable for them. The Alpha pool uses the traditional client-to-client scheme for tumbling wherein all client coins are mixed together then redistributed in new configurations made up of bits many sources. The Beta pool has a larger reserve, which makes it perfect for high-value exchanges. The Gamma pool is the premier pool, which has as its reserve source only private funds and investors’ coins. Being completely resistant to blockchain analysis, the Gamma pool is recommended to those needing the utmost in anonymity. But, in reality, coins derived from all three of the pools hit the high benchmarks standardized by the CAE utility.




Another important takeaway’s functionality is its novel solution for avoiding the pitfall many other mixers fall victim to when their clients receive their old coins back on subsequent mixes. After the first exchange using, clients receive a code that has a double purpose. Upon subsequent exchanges using the service, clients enter the code in order to ensure that they don’t receive their coins from previous mixes back. The code has the added benefit of being good for redeeming a discount on the Alpha and Beta pool service fees. Importantly, this discount gets larger and larger with every additional use of the service.


As if the aforementioned features weren’t enough, the bitcoin laundry has developed the extra features to ensure that users have an optimized, streamlined experience. A Mixing Strength Meter allows users to view the strength of their mix and ensure they’re following the instructions correctly while an order page keeps users up to speed on the real-time status of their order.


After watching this short video tutorial on mixing bitcoin you can easily use, the web’s most trusted bitcoin laundry service, to anonymize your coins. If end-to-end anonymity is desired, then the Tor-version of will satisfy even the most discerning privacy-oriented users.


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