Satoshi Nakamoto’s Autobiography – 15 Shocking Facts

In his autobiography, the creator of Bitcoin reveals some groundbreaking and disheartening facts about his life


Satoshi Nakamoto is the most controversial person in any cryptocurrency space. We are not even certain that this name suggests a single person or a group of people. Nakamoto is undoubtedly a mastermind, he has kept himself secret as to intelligently dodge all the legal compliances that might have to face, as his invention has completely re-architected the financial sector where users are finding it preferable to use cryptocurrencies than the usual Fiat currencies.

He has silently left the technology to disrupt the banking and financial industries. The Blockchain Technology is finding its application apart from the financial sector too. Nakamoto has undoubtedly given birth to a whole new cryptocurrency era.


Let’s check out some shocking facts about the mysterious developer of Bitcoin:


  1. He was estimated to be a citizen of Japan. Precisely a Japanese economic scientist but that’s not the case, in his autobiography he reveals that he is one of the British microeconomist and digital scientist.
  2. Satoshi Nakamoto is just his Japanese pseudonym.
  3. He would have stayed anonymous forever, according to his plans, but due to some terrible deadlocks in his Technology, he has decided to reveal his identity in order to solve them.
  4. He even mentioned in his autobiography that he had been in a great trouble from the past 10 years due to his invention and even wished he had never invented the Technology.
  5. He makes it very clear that his intention to reveal himself is clearly not to obtain any Nobel Prize.
  6. According to him, he has been cornered by inventing such a disruptive Technology against the elites, who, according to him are the people controlling the government and the rest of everyone are just slaves of the elites dancing to their tunes.
  7. According to him, several intelligence agencies like NSA, CIA, FBI, and MI5 have constantly been suppressing and threatening him since 2010, stating that an Asian has no rights to invent such amazing Technology.
  8. According to him, even the Bitcoin developers are constantly trying to steal the intellectual properties of Bitcoin and the Blockchain Technology. He has even advised them in his book by saying that they may easily steal it from him but that would be deceiving themselves only.
  9. In the list of Contents, he has mentioned “Six Assassins and Satoshi Nakamoto -2013” and probably might discuss the assassination attempt on him by a number of intelligence agencies in this chapter.
  10. He said,  in his book that he would be unveiling his legal name place of birth and everything about him in his book. People just know by his Japanese Pseudonym.
  11. He even makes a point that he has fallen into a trap, where either if he agrees or disagrees that he is the inventor of the technology, he would be killed.
  12. He refers to some people as aliens who have come from another planet with 40 of them to kill him.
  13. He mentioned that he is suffering a slow death due to biological poisoning by them.
  14. It seems that he was frustrated observing the conditions of the poverty-stricken people and wanted to bring about a transformation and financial industry which led him to the invention of blockchain Technology.
  15. He had predicted the widespread application of his invention but not at such a rapid pace.


If Satoshi Nakamoto surpasses all the threats by a number of intelligence agencies to end his life then it is sure that he would be working hard for the further development in the field. Even his book is bound to become one of the best selling of all times. This globalization of the cryptocurrencies is the first step in bringing the whole world together as a single entity rather than being divided. So-called Satoshi Nakamoto has revealed only the preface, introduction, comments, and directory of the book.

His book would be sent to the top 360 believers of Bitcoin technology where he would personally meet each one of them to hand over the books. Prior to which they are required to sign an NDA. Nevertheless, speculations still hover over the discussion or might be a secret plot by the elites to stop the release of the book. Everyone in the cryptocurrency community is eagerly waiting for the release of the Masterpiece.