Samsung’s Klaytnphone: Crypto-friendly Galaxy Note 10

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This year Samsung has launched several devices in their Galaxy smartphone series, and recently they have decided to release a new edition of Galaxy Note 10 that will be launched with a pre-installed cryptocurrency wallet that will help people to move towards the adoption of blockchain technology.

This latest device will be a part of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 10 series. Although the phone will be renamed and launched as “KlaytnPhone,” naming it after a blockchain network that is developed by messaging giant Kakao.

The hardware specifications of the phone will be the same as that of the standard Galaxy Note 10, and it will only be sold in South Korea. Those who buy the phone will also receive a certain amount of Klaytn blockchains native cryptocurrency Klay in the wallets.

The Klaytn networks apps are available on Google’s Android system store for non-Samsung phones as well; only Klaytn edition phone will support full-scale transactions.

According to reports, Samsung has partnered with Ground X to launch this edition of the phone. Ground X is a firm which was set up by Kakao to develop Klaytn network. Klaytnphone is a step taken by Samsung to show active participation in boosting cryptocurrency adoption.

Klaytn network went live this year in June, but the native crypto Klay is not yet listed on any exchange for trading. Samsung first launched Galaxy S10 in March this year which was the first crypto-friendly smartphone. It came with digital wallets that supported cryptocurrencies like ETH and ERC-20 token.

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