Samsung adds Tron to its blockchain Keystore wallet – Tron News

This month has been quite positive for Tron as the company announced several important partnerships. Now Tron is being added to Samsung's blockchain Keystore wallet. This is huge news for Tron as it could accelerate TRX adoption manifolds. Now the Samsung's blockchain Keystore supports bitcoin, ethereum, Klaytn, and Tron.

The past few weeks have been great for Tron as the company announced collaborations with several different companies. Now Samsung has decided to integrate Tron to its blockchain Keystore wallet. Tron was ranked second in China’s CCID rankings.

Earlier, Justin Sun teased that a partnership with a $100 billion company is in process. The official announcement will be made this week. Currently, Samsung’s blockchain Keystore wallet supports Etehreum, Bitcoin, Katyn, and Tron.

Earlier, the gaming development company announced to migrate from EOS to Tron. Opera Android browser also added support for Tron. The company also announced a huge partnership with the global exchange Huobi. Tron announced on October 28 that Tron Odyssey v3.6.5 upgraded smoothly.

The amount of TRC-20 issued on the Tron blockchain has crossed over 800 million. Tron is among the fastest-growing blockchains at the moment.

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