Rumor: Visa’s new P2P Debit Card to use XRP for payment

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Yesterday it was announced that MoneyGram had joined forces with Visa and they are planning to launch a peer-to-peer debit card service. In the recent news of the acquisition of payment service operator MoneyGram by Ripple. This news left many people from the XRP community, hoping that this debit card might utilize XRP token for fast transfers.

Visa Direct is a payment platform which is the part of Visa. This platform conducts payments of more than a billion cards around the world. Head of MoneyGram, Alex Homes said that with this new product in the partnership, they wish to create the best platform that provides ease and best user experience for sending and receiving money.

The debit card service currently works only in the US, but Visa and MoneyGram are planning to expand the project to other regions as well. The link-up between MoneyGram and Visa along with Ripple being a part of the former, it is pretty evident that people will think about XRP being used as a payment method.

MoneyGram is using Ripple’s xRapid to carry out global payments with the help of XRP. This leaves some people from Ripple community thinking that maybe the new card service will use XRP as a form of payment as soon as it goes beyond the US.

However, Ripple has not made any comments/remarks regarding these speculations.

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