Ripple’s new commercial shows people receiving local currency using XRP – Ripple News

Ripple has launched a TV commercial about On-Demand Liquidity. Ripple tweeted that their new brand awareness campaign debuted today in two countries. Commercial shows people in different countries receive local currencies sent via Ripple's new system called On-Demand Liquidity. Ripple also announced to sponsor IMTC World 2019 conference.

Ripple has launched an On-Demand Liquidity commercial as part of its new brand awareness campaign. Ripple had been partnering up with various payment and tech startups. The crypto company took to Twitter to announce its new commercial launch, which is part of its awareness campaign.

The video commercial shows people in different countries receiving local fiat currencies using Ripple’s On-Demand liquidity, which earlier operated under xRapid.

Ripple also announced that it is going to be one of the main sponsors at the upcoming IMTC World 2019 Conference. IMTC tweeted that they are excited to welcome Ripple as a sponsor of the upcoming conference.

According to the official website, the conference on international money transfers, remittances, and other similar issues will take place in Miami Beach, November 12-15. Ripple is also conducting an annual Swell event that is expected to boost the XRP price.

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