Ripple Price Analysis: Will XRP fall below $0.33?

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Support Level: $0.33

Resistance Level: $0.355

Key Points

  • Ripple price could not break the key resistance around $0.36 due to which the price declined further.
  • With the price moving below $0.355, a new resistance was set around $0.355 which can push the price further between $0.34 to $0.33.
  • Ripple price is currently at a risk of further declines with the major support at $0.33.


Ripple price is still in a bear trend with the ongoing selling pressure in the market. XRP is trying to recover back above $0.36 but it is facing hurdles in between pushing down the price.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP is facing a bearish trend from past couple of weeks. Recently, XRP crashed down from $0.375 to $0.34 breaking the key support at $0.35 due to which the price crashed down testing the next support at $0.34. Ripple price is currently trying to recover but there is massive selling pressure in the market which is creating a hurdle for XRP to rise. The new key resistance around $0.355 which can likely stop the price to recover further.


Currently, XRP is trading around $0.3539 according to CoinGecko Charts. The daily Ripple price chart clearly denotes that XRP is trying hard to recover but the selling pressure is too high. If the selling pressure keeps on increasing, the price will likely fall below $3.4 or even $0.33 range after which the major support lies at $0.31.


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