Ripple launches the P2P payment platform Payburner based on XRP.

The blockchain firm Ripple Labs announced the launch of Payburner, a peer-to-peer payment platform based on XRP. The news comes after the video-sharing giant YouTube dismissed the Ripple lawsuit of XRP scam.

The director of products at Ripple, Craig DeWitt, made the announcement of Payburner launch to the public on Twitter. The news comes after the video-sharing giant YouTube dismissed the Ripple lawsuit of XRP scam. DeWitt announced the launch via medium post, saying Payburner is launching the beta for a new platform that enables instant, global peer-to-peer payments. “Our growing network feature set includes a browser plugin, PayID integration, Request for Payment with encrypted peer to peer messaging, PayID network search, and a brand new eCommerce flow for 1-click checkout experiences,” he added. 


The Payburner comes with plugins within the Brave and Chrome browser.

The P2P platform, Payburner, comes alongside browser plugins within the Brave and Chrome browser. Most likely, Payburner will be available on Android/iOS applications and on other browsing entities as well. For users new to the latest P2P platform and want to enjoy the services it is offering, need to add the plugin in your Chrome or Brave browser. Users need to create an account and send almost 22 XRP in the initial phase in order to get their accounts fully functioning. In addition, customers can find other Payburner users on the platform and either request or send payments. 


YouTube files a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Ripple.

The motion filed on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by the video-sharing giant YouTube sought to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Ripple accusing it of allowing scammers to use platform for false giveaway scams. YouTube argued in the motion that under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, “interactive computer services,” like YouTube, cannot be treated as publishers of third-party content and hence aren’t liable for it. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also filed a lawsuit against YouTube with the same accusations.  

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