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As the cryptocurrency market is itself very much non-deterministic in nature, advancements in the Crypto domain are hard to follow. Therefore, the article interesting recovers recent advancements with respect to Ripple.

Various updates with respect to Ripple

In recent days, according to news, it has come to the knowledge that Ripple would be one of the centers of discussion at the Sibos 2018 meetup. The international conference based on financial services is going to be held on 22nd to 25th October at International Convention Centre, Sydney. As it predominantly concentrates on digitizing the financial economy, Ripple would inevitably be in the LimeLight.


Many government banks around the world have incorporated the Ripple technology and recently the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, on 13th September 2018, also came forward and embraced Ripple.


The core development team at Ripple have also released a highly flexible set of libraries for the smooth functioning of the protocol, Ripple-Lib version 1.0.0. Basically, it is a JavaScript interface for the XRP ledger but of high-level type. This update might also indirectly assist in the further incorporation of the Ripple technology by various banks and Financial Institutions across the world.


Price analysis

XRPUSD Price Chart
XRPUSD Price Chart



The price of XRP was and 0.449 during the initial days of the month. The price touched the all-time low of the month at 0.26.



Initially, the price broke is support at the 0.3 level. But on 21st September the price spiked and reached a staggering 0.58 and followed by 0.61.



This particular month has been quite bearish as the current price is $0.406019.


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