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Ripple Labs Wants To Buy Potential Assets Of Celsius

According to a company spokesperson at Ripple, San Francisco-based blockchain payments firm Ripple Labs is interested in acquiring potential assets of bankrupt cryptocurrency firm Celsius Network.

As the crypto money community knows, celsius, a lending and interest lending company, started to experience financial problems with the Terra LUNA collapse in early May and announced on June 12 that the platform had suspended all shooting activities.

Despite all the rescue efforts in the ongoing process, the company was dragged into an inevitable bankruptcy predicament, and the result did not change. While legal proceedings are still ongoing on the Celsius side, a spokesperson for Ripple Labs announced that they are interested in purchasing the “potential assets” of the bankrupt Celsius.

In the statement made by the spokesperson, It was not clear whether Ripple was interested in purchasing Celsius directly. The following statements were included in the statement:

“We would like to learn about the Celsius company and its assets and see if any of them can be useful to us.”

Ripple Labs spokesperson further stated that the Ripple company continues to grow and strengthen. At this point, they are looking for alternative merger and acquisition opportunities to scale the company strategically