Ripple executive joins Blockchain Association as co-chair

Ripple has joined hands with Blockchain Association, a non-profit organization that consists of blockchain supporters that promote the adoption of the technology around the world. Ripple's executive Bel Melinicki officially announced that he had joined the Blockchain Association.

Ripple executive Bel Melinicki tweeted that he looks forward to working with Blockchain Association and its members to provide regulatory clarity on this critical issue for the industry and market participants. Melinicki joined Ripple in October of this year and currently serves as the Americas Head of Regulatory Affairs.


Blockchain Association works to seek regulatory clarity.

The Blockchain Association works with legislators and regulators to define certain digital assets and exempt them from the US securities laws. The non-profit organization was established in 2018. This Association works to seek regulatory clarity.

Earlier, the association launched the Securities Law Working Group with the aim of seeking regulatory clarity in the United States. This group will catalyze and coordinate these ongoing efforts across the open blockchain industry. Georgia Quinn, General Counsel at CoinList, Ian Darrow, Counsel at Protocol Lab are some of the members of this group.


Ripple expanded its regulatory team to Washington DC.

Earlier, Ripple announced the expansion of its global regulatory team to Washington DC to work with legislators. Ripple has been at the forefront when it comes to taking initiatives to influence legislators and seeking regulatory clarity. Brad Garlinghouse earlier revealed that the members involved with the association advocate for advanced trust, transparency, safety, and innovation of blockchain and digital asset technology.

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