Researchers discover a new malware that steals crypto from Mac users.

Researchers have discovered a new type of malware that steals digital currency from Mac users, prompting them to fear security for Mac OS users.

Researchers have discovered a new type of malware the steals cryptocurrency from MacOS users. Known as GMERA, the malware attacks Mac users through trading applications, which leave users to vulnerabilities that allow for any cryptocurrency stored on the device to be stolen. Researchers at ESET found that hackers had integrated the malware into cryptocurrency trading app Kattana, as well as four duplicate apps, Cointrazer, Cupatrade, Licatrade and Trezaru, which all contain the malware. Cybercriminals have also targeted job sites in the past. 


The attacks have the hallmarks of organized cybercrime.

Researchers who discovered the malware noted that running across several campaigns, the attacks have the hallmarks of organized cybercrime. The numerous campaigns run by this group show how much effort they’ve expanded over the last year to compromise Mac users doing online crypto trading. “We still aren’t sure how someone becomes a victim, downloading one of the trojanized applications, but the hypothesis of the operators directly contacting their targets and socially engineering them into installing the malicious application seems the most plausible,” the report noted. The researchers pointed out that malware is less active in the most recent macOS. 


Cyber-attacks involving crypto increase amid the global pandemic.

 This week, the social media giant Twitter suffered a major hack when cybercriminals hacked into the accounts of most high-profile people, including former US President Barack Obama and the Democratic nominee for the US president, Joe Biden many other to solicit bitcoins. Hackers also downloaded data from 8 unverified accounts that include direct messages, photos, and videos. Twitter is currently investigating the hack. Cybercrimes involving cryptocurrency around the world have increased amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier, a report revealed that Australian citizens lost over $14 million in crypto scams in the last year alone. 

Earlier, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had issued a warning asking people to be careful as cybercriminals might be looking to unleash crypto scams amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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