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Research: Speculators Make Way for Crypto Devouts, after Bear Market Crush



The bear market had its immediate impact on the quality of the composition of the cryptocurrency investor spectrum, according to the reports by One Alpha.

The bear market had its immediate impact on the quality of the composition of the cryptocurrency investor spectrum, according to the latest research reports by One Alpha. Besides, the issues which are rampant across cryptocurrencies such as – hacks, scaling are expected to take a longer time to be resolved. The research also found that much of the rate of evolution in this industry would now be much slower, in comparison to earlier phases of development of the virtual currencies.


Bear Markets squeeze out the speculators

Apart from different aspects of the market performance being evaluated in the report, the part related to the bear market and its impact on the investor community has been the most significant findings of this research.

The focus on the EOS project’s Block.One ICO reveals that it could rise over $4.2 billion in initial funds, while Telegram ICO could find seed money to the rate of $1.7 billion. Thus, according to the report, the crypto funds which were launched in 2017 numbered as many as 194 funds, of which over 136 reportedly received key funding.

The CEO, Yaniv Feldman, of One Alpha, commented that the “The December 2017 and January 2018 boom and bust had a cleansing effect on the ecosystem, removing many of the speculators and leaving mainly real investors, operators, and builders in the market. This is what was necessary to move forward and build a successful ecosystem.”

Thus, the research revealed that the crypto market is currently populated by investors who are in the market for the long-term and may be called as purists. The general tendency of these investors is that they would like to own these cryptocoins for their own. Their viewpoints for such ownership is not necessarily about gaining value for the coin, though it is one of the primary reasons. However, there are many among the long-term crypto holders who prefer to have some digital money around them for purposes as varied as cyber ransom-payments if their account is hijacked; and even see it as a method to hold out against the degenerative practices of the political authorities.


Other Research Findings on One Alpha

Additionally, the researchers also found that there has been a drastic change in the patterns of funds being raised by ICOs. The merry days of the post-2015 high prices have ended in early months of 2018. In the period when bitcoin reached a valuation of $20,000 nearly, every new ICO issue was lapped by crypto-crazy investors, many of who trusted the decentralized technology would be a safety net to ensure their speculative investment would be sufficiently protected. However, that was not the case, and they were scammed, impacting the number of ICOs released in 2018. Further governments across markets also banned these coin offerings.

Thus the researchers highlighted that the challenges in the blockchain are overwhelming the rate or speed of progress and are further impacted by the instances of hacks and are further limited by the inability to scale projects at a faster pace to match adoption.


Forbes releases top 50 blockchain companies list



Forbes has released top 50 blockchain companies using blockchain technology list and these are almost all household names of the world's largest companies.

Forbes has released a new top 50 blockchain companies using blockchain technology list and these are almost all household names of the world’s largest companies. In fact, they are all billion dollar plus companies such as Amazon, Citi Group, Foxconn, Comcast and a whole host of others and unsurprisingly the bulk majority of these companies are using Ethereum.


Although, outside of Ethereum which is, of course, the number 1 blockchain for these companies, we do see others like Hyperledger and Quorum for example, although much rarer on the list in terms of mentions are blockchains such as Stellar Lumens or Cardano. Blockchains such as TRON, EOS, NEM, and others are not mentioned in the list of top 50 companies.


Companies choosing Ethereum according to Forbes:

Big businesses really like what Ethereum is doing. Ethereum has also worked very hard to make these relationships happen over the last few years and those relationships are now paying dividends big time.


All the top 10 companies are located in China or the United States.

The Top 10 (Forbes List):

10. Ping An Insurance Company: China

9. Bank of China: China

8. Apple: United States

7. Wells Fargo & Company: United States

6. Bank of America: United States

5. Agricultural Bank of China: China

4. Berkshire Hathaway Inc: United States

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co: United States

2. China Construction Bank Corporation: China

1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: China


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JPMorgan expanding itself into the blockchain and crypto space



JPMorgan Chase has been posting a lot of job opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry on, the job listing portal.

JPMorgan Chase, the American multinational investment bank and financial services company has been posting a lot of job opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry on, a job listing site. According to the data from, the overall job openings for the cryptocurrency industry also seems to be on a rise.


JPMorgan Entering the Cryptocurrency Space:

Though the CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon has always been a strong opponent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, his company has been interestingly expanding its operations in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Last month, JPMorgan launched its own cryptocurrency known as the JPM Coin, which will serve the bank’s precious customers in order to make transactions between them more swift and steady.


Back in 2018, JPMorgan had launched a blockchain powered platform known as Quorum which might be seen quite homogeneous to bitcoin and ethereum, however, it is almost fully centralized in nature.


Large companies entering the Blockchain Space:

In recent times, a lot of huge companies worldwide have been entering into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. According to a recent publication by the Forbes, large organizations such as IBM, Deloitte, Cisco, Microsoft, Consensus, and others have been curiously hiring employees that are experts in the field of blockchain technology.

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Adoption: Courts in France adopt blockchain technology



The NCC or National Council of Clerks of France have finally tested a blockchain technology-based solution for the courts of the country.

The NCC or National Council of Clerks of France recently made an announcement that they have finally tested a blockchain technology-based solution for the courts and are now prepared to launch it throughout France. The National Council of Clerks is a representation of the clerks of the corporate and commercial registry in around a hundred thirty-hour workplaces in France. The workplaces depend upon one another for sharing important data.


The goal of NCC France

The NCC is determined to streamline and position the latest information technology that capitulates something that is known as ‘the single version of the truth’. The data tracks an organization’s growth, dissolution, change of location etc. The sharing of data amongst each other was earlier a big challenge for the NCC.


The project based on blockchain technology had an aim of rapid cycle times and precision of information. In the pilot phase of the project, the National Council of Clerks in France was able to lessen the timing of registry operation involving a lot of days to just one day.


According to the president of France National Council of Clerks, Sophie Jonval, the project based on blockchain technology is an outcome of the partnership with IBM. IBM who is already an expert in blockchain technology and cryptography has been serving as a technological partner.


According to the NCC, the project shall be rolled out in the 1st half of 2019 and the project shall ensure a transparent and improved dynamics of the interactions between the clerks.

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