Research shows Ethereum might be undervalued now and why we feel ETH could overtake BTC in the future

Blockfyre came up with eye-opening results on Ethereum. The research shows that the pros of ETH are spectacular. They also concluded that Ethereum is significantly undervalued at current prices!

The glamour associated with Bitcoin has prompted millions of people towards a mad rush for the crypto. China has built entire Godzilla sized setups engaged in Bitcoin mining.

Ethereum is the second-largest crypto after BTC, by market capitalization. Contrary to the rush for BTC, Ethereum, however, experience a more subtle following.


Blockfyre studied four key metrics for their report on ETH

Blockfyre, a German-based investment company, recently conducted an extensive study on Ethereum. And their reports are eye-opening! Blockfyre concluded that “Ethereum is significantly undervalued at current prices.”

The metrics deployed in the research were:

  1. Development Activity
  2. Gas Used
  3. Miners Balance
  4. Mean Dollar invested Age


Ethereum’s relevance in current times

The Miners Balance talks about the Ethereum holdings with the miner. Usually, miners sell off their holdings rather quickly, as in the case of Bitcoins. However, the story is different in the case of Ethereum.

Both miners and investors are holding their ETH holdings for longer durations. It is revealed by the high value of the Mean Dollar Invested Age. 

The Development Activity being talked about refers to the various improvements happening in the Ethereum space. Most of us have heard about the ongoing research on ETH 2.0.

The Gas Used refers to the widespread usage of Ethereum. While Ethereum’s usage is more or less equivalent to the amount of BTC usage, it draws lesser electricity as the difficulty level is lower.


Why we feel ETH framework could be the future of crypto

There is no denying the fact that BTC is the most popular crypto on the planet. However, the costs involved in mining BTC and the volatility make it less user-friendly and, in turn, less sustainable.

Here is the ETHUSD daily chart. Source:

The kind of Research and Development work going on in Ethereum speaks for the vision itself. ETH 2.0 could be the asteroid to the dinosaur called Bitcoin.


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