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Relax and earn with 1XBit after a grueling session of crypto trading

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Founded in 2016, 1xBit has seen massive growth in its user base as well as the variety of games and sports events they offer to the users.

Relax and earn with 1XBit after a grueling session of crypto trading

Whenever you think about the uses of cryptocurrencies, the only thought that comes in your mind is to buy a currency and watch its value grow over time. But some people have also seen it as a currency form that can be used to have fun.

In the last few years, the use of cryptocurrencies has increased when it comes to the world of online gaming. A lot of gaming platforms have come forward that offer various games and leagues for the people to choose from and where they can use these cryptocurrencies for betting or for playing the game.

Enters 1xBit in the gaming world!

Though all of these platforms offer almost the same services to the users, one platform that stood out of this same basic way is 1xBit. 1xBit is an online portal that allows its users to choose from hundreds of games and live matches on which they can bet.

It was founded in 2016, and ever since then, 1xBit has seen massive growth in its user base as well as the variety of games and sports events they offer to the users.

The reason behind their sudden popularity and being one of the top-rated online gaming platforms is the services they have been providing to their users. The interface is easy to use, and with the games being in categories, things have been more accessible for people to understand and use.

One-click away from your favorite game

We have seen that whenever you wish to register to any online gaming portal, the biggest problem you face is the amount of information that you have to fill before you can set up your account.

The reason why they have such an edge over other online gaming portal is the fact that they have no user forms that you have to fill before you become a member of the community. The user can register and is good to go & play the games they offer.

Along with this, they offer a login reward of up to 7BTC or of the currency equivalent to that amount. Once you have created the account and have understood the interface, you are free to have access to over 2500 games and events that are available for the users.

1xBit has taken care of everyone from sports enthusiasts to someone who loves to get the vibes and feels of a casino within the comfort of their home. The website has two main sections- the sportsbook and the casino.

What is Sportsbook Section?

The sportsbook section is that part of the website where the list of all the sports from all over the world is available, and the user can choose the game and the league of their choice.

The list of sports includes football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, golf, handball games, volleyball, boxing, and various other sports that are available for us to watch on tv.

Along with this, the user can also bet on their favorite team during a sports league or bet on the national team to make the match even more exciting for them.

What is Casino Section?

Apart from the massive range of live games betting, 1xBit also offers the facility of having the best experience of playing in a casino virtually while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. With the applications being made available on Android and iOS platform, 1xBit has made it easier to play on the go.

Casino at 1xBit is a place where the user is able to play in 100+ games of wide choice. The providers have made sure to offer the best services they can, and you can select the live event based on your choice of the game.

The games are divided into categories as well, such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other types, which helps the user to find the game they wish to play. The providers such as Casino Grand, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, XPG, and more have provided their gaming service through this website.

But with such a huge project, 1xBit has made sure to reach out to masses and take care of everyone’s needs and liking. Along with these games, they also have a variety of basic games such as the wheel of fortune games, scratch, and win games and many others.

Payment Methods on 1xBit

1xBit is a platform that only uses cryptocurrencies as the only mode of payment for the placing of bets as well as for playing the games. The website supports over 20 cryptocurrencies, including the leading ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, etc.

This is an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency users to utilize their coins, but this also brings the conflict of not being able to use cards or wire transfers. 1xBit does not accept wire transfers or payments through credit/debit cards for their services, which makes it harder for non-crypto users.

But this also helps in many ways as the gameplay is done only using a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency. The person is offered anonymity, which allows the user in maintaining their privacy while still being able to play the games.

Add more, play more

They also have the facility of a multicurrency account which helps the user to store multiple currencies in a single account. The need for verification is not necessary, which helps them maintain their anonymity and deposits, and withdrawals of the coin have no extra or hidden charges.

They have guidelines which are used to satisfy the users need; that’s why they are always making changes and keep adding new coins for payments. They want their platform to be accessed by all.

The thought of customer satisfaction and being the most accessible platform has given them huge fame in the past, and they continue to grow. This very thought is the reason why the website is made available in more than 50 languages that include English, Spanish, Slovenian, Azerbaijani, and Estonian so that they can reach more people and go global.

1xBit Rewards through promotions and bonuses

If you are aware of the cryptocurrency world or you know someone who is into crypto, you know that after big profits, the second best thing in the crypto world is free bonuses and rewards. 1xBit leaves a good impression when it comes to this.

Every user that registers on the website or has been there for a while gets qualified for a free bonus reward of up to 7 BTC or equivalent amount in any other cryptocurrency of their choice. These are not just given on the 1st deposit but it goes on till the 4th deposit. This helps the user to get a boost in their crypto wallet.

Along with this, the website also offers bonus reward points for all the bets that are placed turning every win or loss into a winning situation for the user. These points can be later exchanged for various rewards such as free spins, sports bets, and reward chests.

Restrictions in some regions

Despite being one of the best gaming platforms for crypto enthusiasts, 1xBit had to face issues in some countries where people were not allowed to make accounts on the website.

It was reported that people in the USA and several European countries were not able to take advantage of these services because usage of cryptocurrency is not accepted/promoted in these parts of the world.

Gaming on the move

1xBit has made sure that you make the best use of their website as well as of your bitcoins and other currencies by using their dedicated mobile apps for a better experience.

They have dedicated applications for both iOS as well as Android that helps the people to bet on their favorite team or play poker while they are on the move. Even the website is mobile-friendly, so it’s the user’s preference whether to use the site or the app.

Staying positive even during a crisis

In the last one year, the crypto market has seen a backlash from the government, and it has lead to the downfall of Bitcoin’s rate in the global market along with other cryptocurrencies.

In early 2019, when the crypto users were panicking about the downfall, 1xBit still stayed positive and followed the protocol of using cryptocurrencies as the form of payment. They are still not open for the usage of fiat money or any other payment services.

1xBit Keeps customers on top of the priority list

For a platform that is used by thousands of people and where curious crypto investors keep coming, they provide phenomenal support to their customers. The support service is available round the clock.

Users can choose from live chat or support through email to reach out to the customer support representative whenever they face a problem while using the website. The service is available 24×7, and the reply to the user queries won’t take long.

Along with this, 1xBit went the extra mile for the customers and helped them by creating a blog for the website that is updated regularly. This blog helps them have a better vision of the crypto world as well as give them the latest updates related to cryptocurrencies as well as give all the latest news of the sports world as well.

Following its user’s requests, 1xBit widens its range of games with the slots made by the blockchain fair games operator True Flip. Mining Factory, Pirate Bay and Magic Dice are some of the new additions on the platform and we can expect more soon.

Every online platform that is involved in the process of online cryptocurrency betting gets mixed reviews from the users, some are negative and some are positive. But 1xBit has managed to win hearts with their services and the user base is growing every day.

With quick registration, anonymity for the users, a massive collection of various sports events for betting and with a number of online casino rooms for gambling, 1xBit is giving tough competition to other websites. They are leaving a mark and planning to stay in the business for a very long time. Despite some drawbacks, they are still getting a lot of attention and in the end, that’s what matters the most.