American rapper Logic reveals he invested $6 million in bitcoin last month.

American rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Logic revealed in an Instagram video that he invested $6 million in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin last month.

Following Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams’ call for advice on whether to go long on Bitcoin earlier this week, the rapper Logic has dived into Bitcoin headlong. In a video posted to his Instagram story, Logic, real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, bragged that he “bought six million in Bitcoin last month,” while making the collar pull gesture popularized by fellow rapper Xzibit in the mid-1990s MTV show Pimp My Ride.


American rapper’s investment is already reaping gains. 

If “last month” meant that the American rapper Logic made the investment at the market top on Oct. 31, then his $6 million would have bought roughly 433 BTC at a price of around $13,850. Those 433 BTC are worth $7,926,500 at writing, representing a profit of almost $2 million. If Logic used the phrase “last month” to refer to one month ago, then his buy-in price could have been around $11,760. These hypothetical 510 BTC would now be worth $9.3 million, representing a cool $3.3 million gain.


Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream attention. 

Since the inception of bitcoin almost a decade ago, the leading cryptocurrency has come a long way. The price of bitcoin reached its all-time high back in 2017, but it is gaining upward momentum once again. Several are expecting the bitcoin to break its all-time high record in the near future. American rapper Logic is not the first celebrity to reveal his investment in the leading cryptocurrency. Several others are holding bitcoin. Earlier, English actress Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones, showed interest in bitcoin. The English actress asked her 2.7 million followers if she should “go long on Bitcoin.”


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