Skip to content’s NFT domains hit it out of the park! .metaverse turns out most popular is a marketplace for NFT domain names. Wait, that's not all, it has an easy way to mint, buy and sell NFT domain nam

Web3 domains are becoming more and more popular due to their decentralized working mechanism and various use cases that make conventional domain names and the internet of today completely replaceable. Since NFT domain names are not controlled by a third party and can be individually owned and used, they are perfect for the internet of tomorrow, also known as the web3.

The domains on have hit immense popularity among major web3 enthusiasts and the blockchain community with the .metaverse TLD being the most sought after among the list of web3 domain name TLDs supported on How is becoming the most popular domain name marketplace and how can you get yourself a domain name on Read on to find out for yourself!

How does work? is a marketplace for NFT domain names. Wait, that’s not all, it has an easy way to mint, buy and sell NFT domain names. How does it do that? We will explain in a bit. Moving on, it also has a P2P Marketplace where users can list and sell their domain names and also interact with other people of the community.

Furthermore, the ecosystem provides useful tools for its users to be able to utilise their domain names in various formats which we will elaborate soon. has a list of varied TLDs, which are NFT domain name extensions built on the ethereum blockchain, to choose from. You can easily connect your crypto wallet to the platform to transfer and store your NFT domains and also make purchases.

Let’s take a look at how you will be able to mint an NFT domain name such as “yournftdomain.metaverse” on

How do you mint your NFT domain name on

To Mint your NFT domain name on you can connect your crypto wallet to the website. Now let’s say you wanted to mint “yournftdomain.metaverse”. You simply enter the same in the search bar and see if it is available. If someone else hasn’t minted it before you, it will show as available. Hereafter, you can simply press on the mint button and then confirm the transaction on the crypto wallet.

That’s it, the NFT domain “yournftdomain.metaverse” now belongs to you. You can either store it or use it through the ecosystem which we will discuss soon. Now let’s say that a certain someone has already minted “yournftdomain.metaverse”. You can go check if they have listed it on the P2P marketplace. If they have, you can offer them a price and buy it from them. That’s how simple it is.

Use cases of “yournftdomain.metaverse” on the ecosystem

Now let’s say that you have minted “yournftdomain.metaverse”. What are you supposed to do with it. On the ecosystem, you will soon be able to find a extension for the chrome browser. This extension will enable you to host decentralized websites on the web3. That’s not all, you will also be able to browse through the web3 for other decentralized websites.

Another utility that this brings to you would be the replacing of crypto wallet addresses with your NFT domain name. With this, you will replace your default hexadecimal crypto wallet address with “yournftdomain.metaverse” which will now act as your crypto wallet address. Any transaction done using this address will successfully land into your crypto wallet. That’s how simple it gets. It doesn’t end here, as the ecosystem explores more boundaries we will be able to see many more applications for yournftdomain.metaverse for this example and other TLDs of NFT domains.

Why the .metaverse TLD?

The .metaverse TLD is just like any other domain name extension built on the ethereum blockchain but imagine it this way. If you own a decentralized website on the web3 putting out content related to the metaverse which happens to be the fastest growing and most hyped up and advanced entertainment industry around, then you might as have a .metaverse TLD to make it easier for people on the web3 looking for related content.

Other than that, .metaverse TLDs are also NFT domain extensions built on the ethereum blockchain. Once again, if you would like to get yourself one, log on to, why are you still here?