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NFT Domains marketplace, has launched the miniting of .Metaverse NFT Domains along with 9 other TLDs such as .Chain, .i, .VR, .Web3 and more.

NFT Domains Marketplace, has launched the Minting of .Metaverse NFT Domains along with 9 other TLDs. NFT domain names are becoming the new craze in the crypto world.

With the rise of a digital asset culture taking over the internet, the norm is slowly shifting towards people buying Non-fungible assets in the form of NFTs and assets related to the metaverse. One of the most sought-after digital assets these days are the NFT domain names which are also often dubbed as Web 3.0 or decentralized domain names. These are special domain names with extensions that are tethered to a particular blockchain. They are minted on the blockchain and act as individual non-fungible assets with multiple different use cases and benefits when compared to conventional domain names.

Recently, multiple platforms such as have come forward as pioneers in the minting, sale, and purchase of NFT domain names. Many other platforms such as unstoppbale domains and ens domains also provide a different yet varied set of NFT domain name extensions that can be used to mint your own NFT domain name.

How is making NFT domain mainstream? provides an easy way for anyone to find and mint, buy or sell their favorite NFT domain name in no time. The platform is extremely user-friendly with clearly defined sections that the user can browse through to develop a taste for their type of NFT domain name in case they are new to it.

The explore page provides three sections including premium, 3 letter, and crypto-related domains that differentiate the top available domain names for the particular niches. In the NFT domain section, the extensions for NFT domains supported by are differentiated into multiple sections through which the user can find their NFT domain name on the basis of extensions. The NFT domain name extensions supported by at the moment are

  • .metaverse
  • .vr
  • .chain
  • .address
  • .I
  • .bored
  • .doge
  • .shib
  • .btc
  • .web3.

Apart from these extensions, many more are to be added as moves forward and grows. Additionally, also provides an effective and enhanced way for P2P transactions on blockchain domain names. This means that anyone can list their minted NFT domain name and then sell it to other consumers online. is the first platform to bring in P2P efficiency in the NFT domain name trade.

Apart from all these easy-to-use features, there are a lot more sections to explore and functionalities to look into on with many more yet to come.

Marketplaces such as unstoppable domains also provide a different list of supported NFT domain extensions that are

  • .crypto
  • .NFT
  • .x
  • .wallet
  • .bitcoin
  • .dao
  • .888
  • . coin
  • .zil

Although marketplaces have a difference in the list of supported NFT domain name extensions that they provide, has multiple features such as P2P trading of NFT domain names which pretty much outshines a lot of others. With many more features yet to come, promises to be a pioneer in the upcoming years for NFT domain name marketplaces.

How do you mint your NFT domain name on

Minting your own NFT domain name on is really easy. You need to go to the search bar and enter your preferred NFT domain name. The robust search mechanism will then find you the available domain names. The best part about which is that if the domain names are already minted you have an option to see if they are listed for sale. After which you can offer a price or buy it for a listed price.

After you choose your unminted NFT domain name you can mint it through an easy process and then store it in your crypto wallet. NFT domain names can be stored to be used by you later for one of their many different functionalities or to be sold later.

Functionalities of NFT domain names

NFT domain names are used in many cases. One of them is for building decentralized websites on Web 3.0. This is the future of the internet and the NFT domain names may very well act as the building blocks of it. This is why they are so valuable as they are in their infancy stage with the potential to outgrow a lot of assets in the market right now.

Another function that the NFT domain names can be used for is as an alternative to the crypto wallet address. Since the crypto wallet addresses are tedious and long to remember and retyping them is prone to mistakes, NFT domain names can be used as an alternative as they are secure and accessible. Additionally, they can also be used to verify art on the blockchain like music albums, etc. There are many more use cases of the NFT domain names that are yet to be applied. All of these benefits together make NFT domain names a better option than conventional domains and a move towards the internet of tomorrow which is also called Web 3.0.


Web 3.0 or NFT domain names are the very basic elements that will build the internet of tomorrow. A decentralized space on the web that will allow everyone to digitally own everything they put out without any restrictions or third-party supervision. To make that dream of a free internet come true, pushes towards the popularization of NFT domain names which, no doubt, have a plethora of benefits and major applications in the new internet. Then, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a unique NFT domain name today on