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NFT domains have improved how domains are used and managed online in every way. In contrast to common domain names, they are not controlled by a single organization. Because they are decentralized, they can be used much wider than traditional domain names.

Since they are listed on a blockchain’s public ledger, they work as digital assets like any other coin or token. They can be kept in digital wallets just like any other cryptocurrency. Also, unlike regular domain names, NFT domains only have a one-time minting price. There are no renewal fees or other costs. Because these websites aren’t controlled by one place, no one else can object to them or do anything to stop them.

Because of NFT domain names, the internet as we know it will likely change a lot. can help you get an NFT domain name, giving you an edge over competitors. Continue reading to find out how to get your NFT Domain name.

How does NFT domain name registration work on

Quik, a marketplace for NFT domains, explains the importance of NFT domains as a pillar for building the internet of tomorrow and why you should own one. makes it easy to buy NFT domain names. At, you can select from a list of TLDs based on the Ethereum blockchain, just like many other online marketplaces. You must fill in your chosen NFT domain name and search for your desired NFT Domain name. A button that says “mint” will show up if it is still available. Click the mint button to verify the transaction with your cryptocurrency wallet (trust or metamask). After this transaction is done, you will be the sole owner of the NFT domain name.

Your NFT domain name is now kept in your crypto wallet. You will own the NFT domain name unless you decide to sell it. If you decide to part away with your NFT domain name later, the P2P marketplace is the place to list it and sell it to a network of NFT domain name fans.

You will also get a royalty fee if the NFT domain name you came up with first is sold again. So, even if you sell the NFT domain name you made, you will still make money from it.

The ecosystem of and the NFT domain names

Through the ecosystem, users will soon be able to get a browser plugin that lets them use their NFT domain names. This will be done by giving web3 support for IPFS-based decentralized sites. You will also be able to search the web3 for other websites that don’t have a central server. NFT domain name users will be able to change the names of the addresses of their cryptocurrency wallets. The standard hexadecimal addresses on cryptocurrency wallets will be changed to NFT domain names. Wallet addresses will be easier to remember, and transactions will be easier to do. As the ecosystem grows, more ways to use NFT Domain names will be found. is your gateway to the Web3

Soon, web3 decentralized websites can be hosted on the ecosystem using NFT domain names that were created on So, the first people to sign up would be able to use Web3 immediately and post their own content.

On, you can choose several Top Level Domain (TLD) names. Sign up for an NFT domain name right now to get early access to Web3.