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Web 3.0 is just around the corner, and it's going to change how we use the internet today fundamentally. Web 3.0 will be an i

In this new internet, all websites will be decentralized and not managed by a third-party entity. NFT domain names owned by individuals will be used to host them on the web 3.0 NFT domains.

What are NFT domain names?

NFT domains are domains generated by a distributed ledger rather than an organization like ICANN. This means that unlike traditional domain names, which were limited in their possibilities by centralized authorities, NFT domain names will have a wide range of applications.

With, you may purchase and sell Web3 NFT domains and engage in P2P trades with other users. is a great place to buy, sell and trade Web3 NFT domains.

On, you can choose your preferred TLD. Below is the list of NFT domain extensions that are currently being offered for minting by Quik:

These top-level domains (TLDs) are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. More TLDs will be added to the list as the ecosystem grows. You can begin searching for your favorite NFT domain name after selecting your TLD. If your selected NFT domain name is available, then you can mint it.

How to obtain the NFT domain name of your choice?

  • First, connect your metamask or mobile wallet to
  • Search for your preferred NFT domain name.
  • If your desired NFT domain name is available, you proceed to mint the same.
  • You will be prompted on your crypto wallet to authorize the transaction.
  • After the authorization, the NFT domain will be minted and stored in your wallet.
  • The minted NFT domain will remain in your wallet until you decide to sell it.

The NFT domain name can be kept in your crypto wallet and any other digital asset or cash. You can list it on if you decide to sell it in the future.

NFT domain names can be used in the ecosystem for several purposes.

An upcoming Chrome browser extension from will allow users to configure decentralized webpages using their NFT domain names on the IPFS network. Using this extension, You can use the NFT domain names as your cryptocurrency wallet address as a bonus. As you may be aware, the default crypto wallet address is lengthy and prone to typing errors. You may have a hassle-free wallet address and a short, easy-to-remember domain name by replacing it with an NFT domain name.

As the ecosystem develops, new uses for NFT domain names shall emerge.

The future internet will be built on NFT domain names. Websites hosted on NFT domains will soon bring us to the peak of truly free internet access. Consider minting your first one at to join the internet of the future.